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Fans Want To See Friction!

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Big Brother 11 is just starting to get going, and it seems that fans want to see friction from the contestants more than anything else during this final series of the show.

We ran a Poll for the best part of two weeks asking: 'What do you most want to see during the last-ever series of Big Brother UK?' and here are the results:

- 11% wanted there to be steamy antics or even nookie among the group
- 13% wanted to see a slow-burn romance, like the one between Helen Adams and Paul Clarke during Big Brother 2
- 34% were hoping for fun and friendly banter during Big Brother 11, something we've been calling-for for a couple of years now
- But 42% would rather there be arguments and friction, making the show more exciting to watch

When we ran such a Poll prior to Big Brother 3 in 2002, fans wanted to see 'Sex or Nudity' that year, but their second choice was 'Flare-ups'. They certainly got the latter, with Jade Goody famously creating a fuss over her veruca, and Adele Roberts threatening to deck her!

The following year, prior to BB4, once again fans wanted to see 'Bonking' the most, but the 'Arguments' option was second in our Poll and 'Bitching' just behind that. There was certainly no bonking that year though, and very little friction.

By the time BB6 had come around in 2005, fans were hoping for 'Bitching & Arguments' over 'Fun & Drunken Antics', with 'Romance & Nookie' being relegated to third place. This was doubtless fuelled by what had happened the previous year, when the so-called Jungle Cats clashed with Nadia and Emma (see below).

Sex had already taken place in the House by then, as although the tabloid newspapers used to offer large sums of money for the first BB bonk, the incentive wasn't required in 2003 when a bunch of teenagers were put into the House and predictably got 'jiggy with it' pretty-much straight away.

Back on the subject of there being friction during Big Brother, it's something Channel 4 have been keen to avoid in recent times, having taken a huge amount of flak for Jade and Co's bullying behaviour towards Shilpa Shetty during 2007's Celebrity Big Brother 5.

However, there have been plenty of bust-ups in the House over the years – mainly fuelled by booze – the most famous one being 'Fight Night' during Big Brother 5 in 2004, when the live feed was taken off-air for a while and the security team had to enter the House to intervene.

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Going back to our most recent Poll, it may appear to non-viewers as though the majority of BB fans are a bunch of nutters, revelling in confrontational behaviour. However, it's more that friction within the contestant group makes the show exciting and keeps the momentum going.

And it doesn't have to be big arguments where someone overturns a table or threatens a fellow housemate; even petty squabbles or bitching between the different groups can make a series more interesting and compelling to watch.

After all, at its heart, the Big Brother format is a social experiment to see how a group of disparate people interact with each other, and who wants to watch The Waltons every night for eleven weeks?

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