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Steve Is The Early Favourite

Steve/ Steven Gill - Big Brother 11 Housemate

24-hours on from the series Launch, former soldier Steve is the bookies' early favourite to win.

Somewhat predictably, the oldest housemate is already in the lead and being offered at odds of 10/3 (£10 profit for every £3 staked), with Mario currently the second-favourite on 6/1 (£6 profit for every £1 staked).

Then comes 'Any Other Housemate' at 7/1 (i.e. someone who hasn't arrived yet), followed by Govan, John James, Josie and Nathan, who are all available at 8/1 to win at the time of writing.

The gap then starts to widen, with Ife being available to back at 18/1, and Ben, Caoimhe, Corin and Rachael on 20/1. Bringing up the rear are Dave, Shabby and Sunshine, who the bookies think are the least likely to win and are therefore available at odds of 25/1.

It might seem mad to even consider backing any of the latter housemates to win, but if you remember, eventual Celebrity Big Brother 7 winner Alex Reid was a total outside bet in the first two weeks of the series.

Therefore, Dave has to be a good outside bet at this stage of the game, whereas the likes of John, Mario and Steve are a lot less risky. A £10 stake on David at the above odds would win a profit of £250 if he went all the way. The same £10 could make you £70 if you were to back John, £60 if you backed Mario and £33 if you backed Steve at the above odds.

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Just to backtrack a bit, we said above that Steve is 'predictably' the early favourite because it's just as predictable as him being chosen as a Big Brother 11 housemate. Indeed, as soon as we clapped eyes on him at the Launch show, we knew he'd be in.

We're not taking anything away from the disabled Dad of eight, but it was a no-brainer for the producers to pick the guy that will obviously have a few stories to tell and has lived through hell, plus it silences those who say there should be more disabled housemates.

Still, Steve will have to prove himself to be a decent bloke if he is to hold-on to that lead and fend-off early suggestions that he might just get the sympathy vote.

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