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Nominees Announced But Not Confirmed Due To Twist

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The fourteen housemates have been nominating all afternoon at the first round of the series, and the result is that the following three people are (or rather, should be) up for eviction this week:

David, Shabby and Sunshine.

The unpopular trio won't hear the news until tomorrow, but Big Brother has decided to mess with things and implement a twist this week, which seems a bit unnecessary at the start of a series and will probably be seen by fans as a move to manipulate the result/ save someone in-particular.

Indeed, perhaps the producers have realised that Dave is one of, if not the least popular housemate with the fans, but think it's too soon to lose such an interesting character.

Although he was intensely annoying on Launch night, with a contrived laugh that reminded us of a character from Steve Coogan's 'I'm Alan Partridge', David isn't your usual religious nut.

What we mean by that, is that he seems to have different take on religion compared to most God-botherers, and he's possibly more broad-minded (or perhaps more tolerant) than many devout Christians, his closeness to gay peer Mario being an example of that.

Of course, that doesn't mean he's necessarily a great bloke or a good contestant, and it seems that he's already getting on the nerves of his peers. However, it might be worth keeping Dave in for a little while longer, just in case we find-out that he's harmless really and can have a good laugh with the best of 'em.

That said, we wonder if he'll start ramping-up the religious advice and preaching some time soon, which is a big no-no as far as we're concerned. Frankly, we had all that with Celebrity Big Brother 7's Stephen Baldwin and it became tedious in the end.

We could also put a case forward for keeping Sunshine, who has already caused friction with her pedantic ways and insistence on making a mountain out-of a molehill. Talking of which, she nearly got former-mole Mario sent home, but in trying to suss him out she ended-up alienating her peers and coming-off worse.

Some of them can't stand to be anywhere near Sunshine, and we just knew she was going to be a bit of a nightmare as soon as we heard her ridiculous name, which hasn't been changed by deed poll by the way (her name is Yvette).

We appreciate that the 24-year-old medical student has been mugged at knifepoint before, but that doesn't mean she should get the sympathy vote or special treatment as a Big Brother 11 housemate. Let's face it, she's a bit annoying, but that could be a good thing for the show if she keeps rubbing people up the wrong way.

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About third nominee Shabby, we don't really have much of an opinion of her at the moment. She seems a bit gobby, crass and potentially nasty, but then again she didn't exactly bill herself as an angelic conformist, did she? And undoubtedly, such characters make an 11-week-long show more interesting to watch.

If truth be told, we would rather lose someone like Corin at this stage simply because we can't remember her speaking, let alone saying anything interesting. But hey, what do we know? We thought BB9 Winner Rachel Rice had absolutely zero chance of winning for at least half the series!

Anyway, back to the twist: basically, the three nominees will take part in a 'save and replace' task on Tuesday, and the winner will get the chance to choose one of their peers to take their place and face possible eviction this week.

Check back soon to find-out which three housemates end-up facing eviction.

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