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Mario The Mole Gets 'Impossible Task'

Tonight, Mario was chosen to become the fourteenth housemate at random (and not by Big Brother), after Davina picked his name out-of a tombola machine. However, the sting in the tail for having made it on to the last-ever series of the show, was that he had to become Big Bruv's little mole.

For years, Big Brother housemates have suspected that there might be a mole in their midst, someone working for Big Brother to deliberately mess things up. Makosi did something along those lines during BB6, and there have been things like BB5 Becki's 'Judas Kiss' too, both girls being given secret tasks to carry-out upon their arrival.

Over the years, fans have also suspected that certain housemates are 'plants', the rumours being borne out-of a person's erratic or bizarre behaviour. This time around though, there is a bona fide mole.

Indeed, upon making his way to the podium having left the other 67 hopefuls behind, Mario was given an 'impossible task' by Big Brother, the entity re-iterating: "With great randomness comes great responsibility…", before revealing that the Essex boy must take-on a secret, but extremely difficult-to-pass task.

For the task, the 28-year-old had to put-on a mole costume (complete with a sign saying 'I AM A MOLE'), and make his way into the House to meet his peers. He isn't allowed to talk about how he was chosen or mention his task, which will see him sleeping in a mole hole and performing dastardly deeds on behalf of Big Bro until Saturday.

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The other housemates mustn't realise that he is the mole despite his shenanigans, and if Mario succeeds in duping his peers, he'll stay in the game. If, however, he fails, he'll get sent home quicker than you can say 'Hmm, perhaps that sign tipped 'em off!'

When he arrived in the House, Mario's peers were slightly bemused by his furry garb. However, he managed to brush it off by saying that the producers blindfolded him and made him wear the silly outfit before he could enter. So, he's probably hoping that a combination of blatant lies, feigned confusion and reverse psychology will save him.

It remains to be seen whether Mario can successfully throw them off the scent or not. Stay tuned to find out.

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