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John's On His Favourite Subject Again (Rachael)

John James Parton - Big Brother 11 UK Housemate

During a bathroom chat with Govan and Josie in the early hours, John James had yet another rant about his favourite subject, Rachael.

The 24-year-old Aussie pointed-out that on her entrance VT Rachael brazenly declared that she loves herself, but denied she's like that when he challenged her over the way she looks at him.

He then pushed the point that she either loves herself and has a very high opinion of herself, or is a liar and a faker.

Josie asked the blonde hunk if he would give Rach a chance if she was less arrogant, and he admitted that he would. However, John then got a little riled when Josie asked him if he was perhaps angry with himself for fancying the diva-like hairdresser just a little bit.

In response to his defensive manner, Josie said bluntly: "I can't understand why, if someone don't like someone, they keep f****** going on about them all the time".

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Govan then chipped-in and said that Nathan likes the way Rachael acts, which prompted John to declare that a guy could only like such arrogant behaviour if the girl was hard to get. "She's not hard to get, she's a piece of p*ss", he added, re-iterating that it's definitely not jealousy on his part.

Josie then noted that Rachael fancies Nathan too, but John James didn't have much to say in response, except: "I wouldn't lower myself to her level personally, but each to their own".

The thing is, John James is in danger of alienating himself with his fans if he keeps going on-and-on about this. If he doesn't fancy her, fine. Tell her, let it drop and get on with having fun in the Big Brother House.

As it is, it's all getting a bit too obsessive, to be frank.

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