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John Confronts Rachael Over Scornful Looks

John James Parton - Big Brother 11 Housemate

John and Rachael had a frank chat about the fact that they haven't been getting along very well tonight, and the Aussie housemate made it clear that he doesn't like the scornful looks she gives him.

When the car body worker mentioned the face she pulls whenever she looks at him, Rachael said she didn't realise that it annoyed him and claimed she was only doing it to wind him up.

John, who hasn't spoken to the Beyonce lookalike much over the past week, admitted that he's been judging Rachael on the look she keeps giving him. "It's not that I don't like you – I haven't really spoken to you enough to not like you – but of course I come to assumptions because I can only read a certain amount from when you do that."

The 24-year-old hunk clarified that he sees it as her looking down on him, because it makes him feel like he's scum or an idiot in her eyes. In response, Rachael stated that she doesn't feel superior and didn't mean to convey that attitude, but accepted that it might have looked as though she was giving dirty looks.

"I guess I just do it because...," she began to explain, before pausing and adding: "I feel so stupid saying what I'm saying, can I talk to you tomorrow about it?" However, when pushed by John to give a proper explanation, the hairdresser digressed and claimed that she doesn't even realise she's doing it a lot of the time.

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However, the real reason eventually came out when she told John: "I think that you're a really good-looking guy, and I think your dead hot". Effectively, she was admitting that it was her attempt at a 'playing hard to get' face, but John didn't pick up on her point even when she re-iterated that she'd just tried to explain.

"I'm gonna' make an effort not to be like that any more," vowed the Nottingham lass, before saying to John: "Tomorrow's a new day, yeah?" She then put-on her diva-like sunglasses and disappeared off to the bathroom for a cry.

Rachael later told Caoimhe, Ife and Shabby that she was 'shocked' about being dubbed arrogant by John James, and during their garden chat Ife suggested: "Maybe you're not as good at flirting as you first thought?" Indeed.

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