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Govan Pulled-up By Big Brother Over Fighting Talk

Govan Hinds - Told-Off By Big Brother

Govan has been pulled-up by Big Brother over a potentially rule-breaking comment he made earlier in the evening.

Approaching 3am on Tuesday morning, Govan returned from the Diary Room and gave an embarrassed laugh as he told Josie in the bathroom: "I got told off".

When asked why, the 21-year-old said: "Because earlier I was joking (and by that he means bitching) with whatshisface – John James – in the snug, and I said with regards to David, I said something like: 'I want to smash his face in to be honest'".

Laughing again, Govan re-iterated that he'd been told-off by the male Big Brother, but added that it was only a reminder, meaning that he didn't receive an official warning for his comment, which effectively suggested he might engage in violent behaviour.

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The voluntary worker then claimed that he was only kidding, and a concerned Josie replied: "You don't want to go home, do you?"

Govan put it down to being stressed because he was missing home, and Josie advised him not to rise to it when Dave winds him up.

"Oh my God. That means they were listening to the whole conversation that we were having in there?" he suddenly realised shortly afterwards.

Um, yeah. Those 50 cameras and 59 microphones aren't just there for decoration matey. Doh!

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