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Govan Not Bi OR Gay Shocker

Govan Tells Josie He's Not Bisexual - Big Brother 1 1 UK

During a somewhat confusing heart-to-heart with Josie as it began to get light in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Govan pretty-much reversed the usual tradition by coming-out as... straight!

Taking the blonde sales rep out into the garden, Govan said that he told the Big Brother producers he is bisexual, but admitted that it's not true.

Naturally, we thought the next thing to come was a confession of being gay, however he then added: "I've got gay friends, but I could never (have sex) with a boy, it makes me feel a bit... (sick)".

So, the somewhat effeminate voluntary worker had dismissed that possibility.

That means (against all the odds, given his demeanour) that Govan is straight, but it also means he's a total faker. Indeed, all of his talk about being interested in guys sexually and having been with 0.5 men was just to make himself look interesting and get on the show.

We're not 100% convinced about that quite frankly, as it wouldn't be unknown for Big Brother housemates to deny their sexuality and then later-on in the series admit to being gay.

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It certainly sounds like Govan has taken some flak during his life, perhaps being accused of being gay, which is certainly not justified and especially-so if he is straight.

That said, if you've been bullied and aren't strong enough to shrug it off and ignore what people say (not that we're suggesting that's easy to do), you don't help yourself by telling the nation you're bisexual.

Just to backtrack a bit, we said above that it was a confusing conversation because there followed reassuring 'You've taken a big step admitting that' type remarks from Josie, which is usually what happens when someone comes-out as being gay on the show.

Indeed, we've never heard of anyone being called brave for effectively admitting that they're in the majority and are straight. Hmm, peculiar.

Watch this space to find-out what sexuality Govan adopts next week!

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