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Davina MCCall's Do's and Don'ts List

Davina McCall - Big Brother UK Host

Appearing on the first 'BBLB' show of the series tonight, prior to the newbie housemates going in, long-time Big Brother host Davina McCall offered her own tips for being a great housemate via VT. They were:

IMPRESS BIG BROTHER - Do or say something to impress Big Brother within the first 10 seconds of your audition. This advice comes a bit late, however, as there will be no more auditions sadly.

HANG BACK - When you get into the Big Brother House, hang back for the first couple of weeks. Let others get involved in all the squabbling, because the really loud people are usually the ones the public out first.

HAVE A REASON FOR BEING IN THERE - Don't just be a total wannabe. Have a cause or reason to be on the show, not just that you want to be famous etc. Big Brother 5's Nadia Almada is a good example, as the transsexual contestant was looking for acceptance (and got it by winning).

DON'T BREAK THE RULES - Don't break the rules to show off, or if you enter the House late, don't tell your peers stuff from outside world just to appear clever. The BBO team disagrees with this one, mainly because the occasions when former housemates have attempted a revolution have been exciting. Similarly, when the housemates deliberately broke the rules by crossing the plastic divide to steal food during BB3 made for good viewing too.

USE THE DIARY ROOM - Make sure that you use the Diary Room regularly, because fans want to know how you're feeling. The public need to connect with you if you are to stand a chance of winning.

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So, there you go, five tips for succeeding in the Big Brother House; it's a shame that the last-ever bunch of housemates won't get to see them though.

We would have added 'TRY AND HAVE FUN' to the list, because when former housemates have played hide-and-seek in the past, or indulged in drunken party games, or just sat and had a little singalong, it has made for some great footage.

Frankly, such light-hearted events have been lacking in recent years, but they help to counter the inevitable arguments and boredom among the group, and keep momentum going as the series progresses.

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