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Davina McCall Interviews 1st Evictee Rachael

Davina McCall - Big Brother 11 Host

To kick things off, Davina pointed-out that the reception Rachael received from the eviction crowd was much better than when she entered the House, something the 1st Evictee felt chuffed about.

Talking about the fact that Dave selected her as a nominee during a task to save himself from possible eviction, Rachael said: "I felt really cheated and I thought it was really unfair". She admitted to nominating him at the First Round though, and wondered if he was playing a game due to his reason for choosing her.

When asked who she thought nominated her at the First Round, Rachael guessed Sunshine and John, before Davina prompted her by mentioning Dave. In fact, it was the latter pair only, not Sunshine.

On the subject of Rachael's status as a single lady, Davina suggested the notion that she's used to being adored by guys, and the 23-year-old admitted that she does like to get male attention. This predictably led to the mention of John James, and Rachael was shown a VT of her difficult relationship with the Aussie hunk, whereby she liked him but he seemed to hate her.

Rachael couldn't explain why she still liked him after his terrible behaviour towards her, then all-but admitted that she had risen to the challenge of trying to change his opinion, something she failed to do during her ten days in the game. "He never really gave me a chance," she stated.

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When asked by Davina if she really liked John, Rachael said that she fancied him but wouldn't want a relationship with him. To some people, that'll sound like she was only trying to massage her own bruised ego by continuing to like him in the hope that he would come round to liking her.

Davina then asked the Nottingham hairdresser – who described herself as 'hot' before she arrived in the House – if she could see why John considered her arrogant, and in response Rachael said: "I don't think it's bad to walk around with your head held high".

Speculating about other possible Big Brother 11 romances, Rachael noted that Nathan and Josie seem to be getting-on well, and acknowledged that Shabby has a crush Caoimhe, and Mario is in love with Ben.

When quizzed about the possibility of her appearing in the lads' mags such as Nuts and Zoo, Rachael was coy at first but then said: "Never say never".

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