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Channel 4 Pleased With Launch Night Figures

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Last night saw the start of the last-ever series of Big Brother UK, and Channel 4 are evidently pleased with how successful the live Launch show was.

For it beat all other terrestrial channels in terms of viewing figures, pulling in a substantial 5 million people.

BBC1's rival offering Junior Apprentice had 4.2m viewers, ITV1's Father & Son had 3.7m viewers, Five's NCIS got 2m viewers, and BBC2's Make Me a New Face: A New Hope for Africa’s Hidden Children had just 1.6m.

This is a great start for Big Brother 11, especially as Big Brother Online established just a few days ago many people didn't even know there was another series coming, despite the fact that Channel 4 has been showing teaser ads for a while.

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Indeed, having heard that the format has been cancelled, it seems that many fans mistakenly thought it had ended with Celebrity Big Brother 7 at the beginning of the year.

So, once word gets around, and provided the producers give us an interesting series, the Big Brother format should be in for a good send-off.

To re-iterate, subject to the possibility of it being licensed by another TV channel at some point in the future, this is the last-ever series of Big Brother in the UK (on Channel 4, at least).

Make the most of it, folks.

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