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Big Brother Warns Housemates About Swearing

The Big Brother Eye - Big Brother 11

Just one week in, Big Brother has felt the need to warn the housemates about their continual swearing, even though profanity is not actually against the Rules.

With the group having been gathered together this evening, Dave read-out a message from the all-seeing entity noting that they've been swearing a lot lately. Furthermore, Big Brother pointed-out: 'It makes you sound ignorant, inarticulate and stupid, and is not nice to listen-to'.

Then, arguably hitting them where it hurts, the entity clarified that the more they swear, the less chance there is of them appearing on TV.

The housemates were shocked at the message, but accepted that it was probably true. However, a defiant Nathan ranted: "That's absolutely b**locks 'cause I swear all the f***ing time, so it's just knackers, 'innit?"

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Govan and Nathan were angry at the suggestion that they might be 'ignorant', deeming it an insult, but Caoimhe, Ife and Shabby all agreed that they swear too much and vowed to tone it down. Indeed, Shabby could be seen later in the evening correcting herself from almost uttering the F-word to saying flippin' instead.

Here at BBO, we reckon Big Brother should implement a 'Virtual Swear Box' for a week. However, instead of putting the usual 50p or £1 in every time a housemate swears, the entity would lop £500 off the prize money.

That should make 'em think about what they're saying!

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