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Big Brother Online Is Back! - Make The Most Of The Last Series

Yep, despite the fact that each-and-every year we threaten to just watch the show and not commit ourselves to running the BBO website again, we're back!

As you can probably tell if you've been to the BBO site before, we've freshened-up the design for 2010 – we hope you like it. Please feel free to give us some feedback, and tell other fans about the site if you think they'll like it too by tweeting, posting in forums or just e-mailing them direct.

This is the last year for Big Brother in the UK, so we're urging you to make the most of it, and we're not just referring to watching the show.

By that, we mean please make the most of the BBO website, by reading all of our unique news articles regularly, voting in our fun Polls (we have more than ever this year, on a dedicated Polls page), following our Betting activity/ having a little bet yourself, and participating in our Blog.

The Blog is the closest thing we have to a Big Brother forum now, as unfortunately we weren't able to bring the old one back from the dead. Still, although you can't start your own topics, you can have your say and post comments related to the subjects we bring up.

Of course, you are welcome to e-mail us with your own suggestions for informal Blog topics, and we're also keen to hear your comments about Big Brother 11 in general, so get in-touch if you have something to say.

We have gone as far as to urge you to get involved this summer, not just to show your support for the BBO site, but because we already have a sense that there will be a lot of very sad people when BB is over for good in September.

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We know that sounds a bit dramatic, after all it's only a television show (...only a gameshow, as they used to sing at the evictions during series 1), but Big Brother has been a big part of a lot of people's lives for so many years, that it's bound to be missed.

Wouldn't it be terrible to get to the end of Big Brother 11, having just dipped in-and-out of the TV and online coverage, and think 'Damn, I wish I'd got into it more'.

The series should ramp-up towards the end as always, but this time around something very special is happening in the last two weeks. Look-out for a future article in our Big Brother News section for more details.

Lastly, please make sure that you've added yourself to our Newsletter mailing list.

Check back soon for more Big Brother UK Latest News, and please participate in our fun Polls and Big Brother Blog

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