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You Are Now Voting For A Winner

Fans Are Now Voting For Their Preferred Winner Of Big Brother 11 UK

Since Big Brother 11 began in early June, twenty-one contestants have entered the Big Brother House. Over the weeks, twelve have been evicted, three quit of their accord and one had to retire due to injury. That has left five people in the Final: Andrew, David, Joe John (JJ2), Josie and Mario.

Christian Minister Dave Vaughan and financial sales rep Josie Gibson are the only ones that were chosen to take part in BB11 right from the start, although huge Big Brother fan Mario Mugan also entered the House on Day 1.

Indeed, the would-be fashion designer was chosen at random to be a contestant on Launch night, after having had his name pulled from a tombola machine. Therefore, Mario was lucky to have taken part in the show.

So, all three will have spent the full 11 weeks in the game when one finalist is crowned the Winner on Tuesday night.

Maths geek Andrew Edmonds joined the game at the end of Week 4, when fans were calling for the producers to put another three-or-four people into the House. They duly obliged, and Andy arrived via spaceship along with Keeley and Rachel, shortly after Nathan's eviction.

Joe John Bird – who rather confusingly called himself 'JJ' after fans had been referring to John James as the same since the start of the series – was one of three newbies who joined the game at the end of Week 6, the same week that Caoimhe quit and Keeley got injured. Therefore, the boxing barman has spent the least amount of time in the game.

But who do you think deserves to win the series, receive the £100,000 prize money and get the chance to compete in Ultimate Big Brother, the upcoming series which is often referred-to by fans as Big Brother All-stars?

For the BB11 winner will come out of the House, be interviewed by Davina, and then immediately go back in (provided they want to) to take part in Ultimate BB. This last-ever series will see the BB11 champion competing with a number of old housemates and a smattering of celebrities to be crowned the Ultimate Big Brother winner.

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So, who wins the dosh and the chance to remain in the House for a few more weeks, and who goes home with absolutely zilch? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open, and will remain-so until the series Finale, which is in a few days time on Tuesday the 24th of August 2010. The voting telephone numbers can be found in our Nominations section.

Just to reiterate, because it’s the last week of the game, voting has switched from negative to positive. Therefore, you are now voting to find the Winner of Big Brother 11, so must vote for your favourite housemate/s.

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