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Fan Fury Over Channel 4's Random Eviction Order

Big Brother Fans Are Not Happy With The Way Channel 4 Evicted Friday Night's Four Evictees

Channel 4 have suffered a backlash from fans after the broadcaster evicted Friday night's four evictees in 'random' order, unconnected to the percentage that they received in the public vote.

This has caused a problem for those who placed a bet on the outcome of the four-way eviction, gambling that John James would be the most hated of the eight contenders and get evicted as the 9th Evictee.

Historically, whenever there has been an eviction featuring multiple evictees, the person who received the most votes to evict has left the Big Brother House first, lasting less time in the game and ranking lower than whoever followed them.

However, on Friday night Steve Gill was evicted first, despite the fact that John James received the highest percentage in the negative public vote (John 34.2%, Corin 20.6%, Sam 14.6% and Steve just 9.8%). In other words, John James was more hated/ less liked than Steve was, so the Australian hunk should have been kicked-out before him.

The producers clearly wanted to save the bigger characters' interviews until later-on in the eviction shows, so chose to evict Sam and John last. But bookmakers have deemed Steve to be the 9th Evictee, even though in terms of the Big Brother 11 contestant rankings, John (not Steve) comes just behind last week's evictee Jo.

Consequently, those people who backed John in good faith have lost their money, when essentially their bet was right. They had gambled that John would be the least popular of the eight nominees, and he was. Whatsmore, no-one could have predicted that the housemates would leave in a random order.

Furious fans, some of whom have unfairly lost a week's wages due to Channel 4's decision to evict in random order, have dubbed this latest meddling on behalf of the show's producers the final straw. They have threatened to stop watching the show and boycott the upcoming Ultimate Big Brother series in disgust.

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This comes after general criticism from fans that the Big Brother producers have been manipulating things to suit this year, and made it very difficult for them to evict unpopular characters. Indeed, the Save & Replace task saved Steve in Week 7, when the majority of fans were keen to see the back of him.

Also, all of the housemates were put 'up' for eviction last week, but when this happened during Big Brother 10, the public vote was positive rather than negative.

Consequently, some of this series' most popular characters such as Corin and Sam, both of whom had large fanbases, failed to make it through to the series Final. However, a positive vote would almost certainly have kept them in the game until the end.

UPDATE: Although they dragged their heels for a few days, to their credit, bookmaker Stan James followed the lead of other bookies and decided to pay-out on both John and Steve in the end. So, punters received their profit, or at least got their stake back if the market was considered void.

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