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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

It's The Last Evictions Of Big Brother 11 - Who Goes? YOU Decide!

You may want to know what's going at happen at tonight's quadruple eviction, but frankly we have no idea! Well, not exactly no idea, but you get the gist...

We say that because there are eight people in the running to leave and four will go. The internet forums have gone into meltdown this week, with fans plotting and planning, many claiming that they'll multiple-vote for various people in-order to save their fave.

And if those fans put their money where their mouth is, anything could happen, particularly if John's fans get together with Josie's fans as we suggested they might do in this article from earlier in the week.

Our 'Next To Go?' Poll, which started last Friday after Jo was evicted, currently suggests that the housemates the fans want rid-of most are, in order of most disliked to least disliked: John James, Steve, Sam, Mario, Dave, Corin, Andrew and Joe John.

However, Sam, Mario, Corin and Dave are all within 2% of each other in the Poll, so any two of them could be joining John and Steve tonight in leaving the House for good. But let's just take a look at the votes for the last two days only, from Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon (today), which represents the latest public opinion.

If we look at the most recent votes, it's clear that the public have turned against John James even more, but that they've gone off Corin too. For here's what the Poll would read if you took away all the votes from last Friday up to this Tuesday:

John James/ JJ1: 37%
Steve: 16%
Corin: 16%
Sam: 10%
Mario: 9%
Dave: 7%
Andrew: 3%
Joe John/ JJ2: 2%

Because it's a quadruple eviction, we don't want to make any cast-iron predictions. If, for example, casual viewers dislike Steve enough to vote for free in a Poll, but aren't bothered enough about him to vote in the public telephone vote, he might even survive.

It does rather look like John's a certainty to go though, which is entirely believable given his recent behaviour. And it seems that the recent speculation among fans that Corin might be in trouble is not unfounded.

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Who goes? YOU decide!

To re-iterate, you're still voting to evict your least favourite housemate/s, and the four with the most votes when the phone lines are suspended/ closed later tonight – Friday the 20th of August 2010 – will be evicted. That will leave five housemates to fight it out in the Final next week.

You can find the voting telephone numbers in our Nominations section.

Just to say, it's definitely not too late to back a potential Winner with a little £10 bet to make Finale night more interesting. Indeed, now is the time to do it before tonight's mass eviction, after-which certain housemates' odds will plummet.

To check the latest odds and find-out how to get yourself a Free £20 Bet, click here.

UPDATE: Channel 4 evicted the four evictees in reverse order, so the actual result of the public vote wasn't far off the above Poll result, because John was the least popular/ most hated, then Sam, then Corin, then Steve.

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