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Sam's Fans Talk Tactics

Can Sam Pepper's Fans Save Him By Voting-Out Some Of His Peers?

Not only Sam's fans, but the fans of other popular housemates have spent the past 48 hours talking tactics on internet forums, planning how best to save their favourite housemate from eviction this week.

All this week, fans are voting to evict their least favourite housemate or housemates, which as we said before, puts some big characters in jeopardy. Characters such as John James for instance, who still has a decent amount of support but became disliked after quitting the Dickensian task and also having a pop at Sammy.

We've never really been in this situation before, where some of the favourites to win (currently Corin, John, Josie and Sam) also feature highly in the 'least favourite' Polls. However, because it's a negative vote this week and four people will be going on Friday, John is in distinct danger of being one of those four.

The Aussie hunk's fans have been discussing what to do in the public vote, and voting Corin out seems to be the consensus, not just to 'take down' his nemesis should he get the boot, but to lessen the competition for Josie in the Final.

Therefore, Josie's fans are being urged to follow suit by John's fans, because frankly it looks like saving John James is a near-impossibility now.

Meanwhile, some of Sam's fans believe that voting John and Corin out is their best bet, but frankly, voting David and Mario out is a far better option for trying and keep the young graffiti artist in the game.

We say that because the Pepster apparently has a huge number of fans and it's worth them actually putting their money where their mouth is on this occasion. Against all odds, Sam stands a very good chance of winning Big Brother 11 if he can make it to the Final, and he isn't a certainty to go on Friday either.

Indeed, it looks like Dave is almost as disliked as Sam is, and Mario's not far behind the pair of them. Therefore it's more important to vote for Mario if choosing just one, but it stands to reason that multiple votes for both Dave and Mario will help Sam's chances of survival.

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It's not worth voting for Corin because she almost certainly won't go. Same thing with Andrew, and probably Joe John too. And it's not worth picking on John James because it already looks like he's in trouble anyway.

Some Sam fans have been looking at the betting odds when trying to work-out who best to vote out, but Polls probably give more of an idea of what's going to happen. Okay, it wouldn't actually be a wasted vote to gun for Andrew, Corin, Joe John or John James if you're a Sammy fan, but surely it would be best to concentrate on those closest to him in the Polls?

And that, undoubtedly, is Dave-o and Mazza.

Sam's fans must be wary of ignoring Steve though, because although he's riding high in the dislike Polls, he could be overlooked by the casual Big Brother viewer, who wants someone out, but doesn't bother voting.

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