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John Threatens To Quit Over Rachael/ Nathan Situation

John Has Threatened To Quit For The Umpteenth Time

John has threatened to quit the show just two days away from his possible eviction, and six days away from the series Finale.

The oft-confrontational Aussie has threatened to leave on a number of occasions before, but this time he was closer than ever to actually following through on his threat, having become distraught with worry over something he'd said earlier in the evening.

To cut a long story short, a number of ex-BB11 housemates returned for a short visit today, with 1st Evictee Rachael being one of them. If you recall, when she was in the House, all John did was needle her about her 'scowl', which was actually her way of trying to flirt with him.

Anyway, John chose to get a massage from Rachael No.1 instead of the other (motormouth) Rachel, but as soon as he entered the task room to begin his not-so-relaxing massage, the pair started sniping at each other.

During their bitchy banter, John criticised the Beyonce look-alike for appearing in lads mag NUTS since she was evicted, something he didn't condone. He then took the nasty comments way too far by saying, "People offering you money for sex... I can imagine that would be the only thing you would be passing up on".

However, since leaving the Big Brother House, Racheal has started going out with 4th Evictee Nathan, who was also in the vicinity because he later had tea with John's nemesis Corin in the same task room.

Predictably, when asked by the ultra-vain retailer what he made of John's comment, which John bragged about to the group after his massage, Nath was not happy. "I'm well pi**ed-off," said the rugby-playing Yorkshireman, before suggesting that if he went into the main House he would 'cuff' John James.

Corin subsequently told the group what had been said, and John stewed over it for a couple of hours before visiting the Diary Room to tell Big Bro that he wanted to leave. In fact, he didn't just want to leave, he was almost desperate, and was on the verge of tears, evidently worried that he'll get a beating when he finally gets out.

Sam shouted repeatedly through the gaps in the glass doors leading to the Diary Room, urging John not to leave, and eventually he and Josie set-up camp near the outer Diary Room door, the latter expressing support by moaning: "They've stitched him up like a kipper". That said, Josie also recognised that John should never have said what he said.

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When he finally emerged, after stints from both Joe and Josie in the Diary Room trying to talk him out of it, John had cooled about leaving but admitted overstepping the mark. "I was set up. What I said is what I said, I can't go back on that, but to allow Nathan at the window, while his girlfriend gives me a f*****g massage?" he moaned.

Meanwhile, out in the garden Corin bitched to Steve: "You can't go about talking to people like that and think you can breeze through your life and everyone's not gonna' have a problem with it". Steve agreed.

John was asked by Big Brother to sleep on it, and make a decision in the morning as-to whether he really wants to go or not.

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