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John And Josie Fall Out, Big Time!

Josie Gibson - Big Brother 11 Contestant

Following-on from Corin and Sam's bust-up yesterday, after Bob Righter set the group the 'unpredictable' task and Corin vowed to continue wearing make-up, John and Josie had a monumental falling-out today.

During this afternoon's heated slanging match in the garden, Josie accused John of ganging-up with Sam, stating that the graffiti artist has his head stuck right up John's a**e. In response, John defended Sam and ranted that Corin is old enough to stick-up for herself.

However, after the pair batted accusations and statements of defence back-and-forth, Josie said that she won't stand-by and watch two blokes gang-up on someone, before declaring: "Why would I want to be with someone who treats a woman like that?"

Sam and Corin got involved, with the former telling the latter that she starts and stops hassle when she wants to, but Josie butted-in and spat: "Why are you playing the victim? Get real. Stop acting fake".

A little while later in the makeshift bedroom, the bad-feeling continued after Sam came near Josie to tease her.

"Go away. I don't want you anywhere near me; you're a little trouble-maker," she snapped, before suggesting that the only reason John has sided with Sam is because he thinks viewers will like it. "Really?" said a nearby John. "Yes, really," spat Josie, before shouting Andrew down too.

"Why would I do it for viewers?" quizzed John, prompting Josie to say: "You tell me... now I'm starting to question what we've got".

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Josie tucked herself up under her duvet and started sucking her thumb, as a frosty silence came over the room. However, it wouldn't be long before the friction continued and the 25-year-old Bristolian told John that they were finished as a potential couple.

"Me and you are done," said Josie during yet more words in the garden, although frankly John didn't know what the whole thing was about, or why she was being so hard on him, but he apologised nevertheless.

Will the pair, who've spent most of the series by one another's side, be able to patch things up?

Stick with Big Brother Online to find out.

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