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Corin Talks About Her Husband's Accident

Corin Forshaw - Big Brother Game-player?

Chatting to Mario in the bathroom this afternoon, widower Corin talked about her husband and discussed how he met his death.

While working on her hair and make-up for absolutely ages, the 29-year-old stated that her time with late hubby Alex was the best years of her life.

Maz then said he didn't want to push her to talk about the 2005 accident that killed Alex, but in response Corin claimed that so many people have asked her about it since, that she's basically immune to getting upset now.

Elaborating on what happened to her husband just four months after marrying him in Jamaica, she revealed that he met his demise in an accident involving a dumper truck, which slipped when the ground gave way.

Corin then said that the whole time she was with Alex she thought it was too good to be true.

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Cynical fans, who've already accused Corin of being fake and a game-player, have suggested that this latest conversation was a contrived ploy to gain public support; the old 'play for sympathy late in the game' trick.

We don't know about that, but there's no smoke without fire, and late in the evening tonight Corin even (jokingly) admitted that virtually everything about her is fake, including her hair, nails boobs and tan.

So, given her superficial looks, seemingly contrived dippy behaviour, clutch of catchphrases, false sympathy and now sob stories, it's no wonder some fans have started to question her motives and gone-off the Stockport shop assistant.

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