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UPDATE: Early August - We're now working on a real time Big Brother Chat page to replace the blog. Please bear with us, subscribe to our Newsletter etc.

Yeah, we know what you're thinking: OMG. 'Under Construction' pages are soooo 1998; the BBO bods might as well put a tacky image of a guy shovelling some sand below, just to complete the illusion that they appear to have gone back a blinkin' decade!

Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint you, so here ya' go:

Yes, we ARE using this image ironically, just in case you were wondering-slash-confused!

And here's another dated, naff and irrelevant 'Under Construction' image for your enjoyment, re-iterating that we're hard at it (updating the website) using our, erm... diggers:

...and this one...

And finally, just in case you were in any doubt that our Ed has actually donned his hard hat and is currently busy overseeing the construction of this page (somehow using hydraulic equipment instead of laptops and specialist software), here he is, beavering away with a jackhammer:

...and this one too. We ARE professionals, honest!

Check-out those guns, girls! He he.

Seriously though, we've re-jigged things for Big Brother 11, however we haven't quite finished working on this page.

So, we just wanted to publish something to let fans know that we'll have a chat section during the last-ever series of your favourite show this summer. Whatsmore, it will be the closest thing we have to a Big Brother Forum, so we'd would love you to get involved and post your own comments throughout BB11.

So, please bear with us, and hopefully we'll have this section up-and-running shortly.

We'll publish something in our News section to let everyone know when it's up-and-running, but in the in the meantime, please make sure that you add yourself to our mailing list. To keep you going until then, there are plenty of articles for you to read in our Big Brother 11 News section.

Check back soon for more Big Brother UK Latest News

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