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The Big Brother 10 Backlash Has Begun

The new series is just a few days away now, but the Big Brother 10 backlash has already begun. How predictable is that?

Every summer, just before a series begins, some celebrity or another comes out-of the woodwork to say that the Big Brother format has had its day. And, somewhat ironically in what is the show's 10th Anniversary year, that someone is Craig Phillips, Winner of the original UK series back in 2000.

Just in case you can't remember, Craig was the cheeky builder who became something of a national hero after challenging 'Nasty Nick' Bateman over his cheating antics. The gym-going Scouser went on to win the £70,000 prize money and duly gave it away to down's syndrome pal Joanne Harris (who sadly died last spring, aged 25).

Craig subsequently released a Christmas single, began making personal appearances, started his own training academy and appeared on a large number of TV shows, generally forging himself a lucrative media career that continues to this day.

But now, nine years on, the considerably richer handyman has decided to diss Big Brother, effectively saying that it's nothing more than a showcase for a bunch of freaks. The 37-year-old also reckons that Channel 4 should scrap the show now, perhaps not bothering to consider the fact that many millions of fans still want to watch it.

Craig is doubtless a decent guy, but to us – given that he's sitting pretty and about to release his autobiography – his comments are a bit: 'I'm alright Jack'. In other words, it was okay for him to try and make some cash by appearing on the show (albeit for Jo), but it's too bad for others that want to do the same?

However, Craig isn't alone in knocking the show, as comedian Michael McIntyre (someone we really like) has just piped-up to say that Big Brother is a dead format. The posh funnyman actually hosted 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' for a while last summer, but after his negative comments we rather assume that he won't be returning this year.

Still, the celebrity pair inevitably won't be the only detractors, as we get fed-up with the sort of people who groan loudly and say that Big Brother is a load of rubbish each year, but are completely hooked by the end of the summer and know everything about it. You know the types.

So, if you're one those people who think that BB has had its day, we have two things to say to you:

Firstly, why are you reading a website specifically geared towards fans of the show? And secondly, go tell someone who cares!

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