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Guess Who Noirin Is With Now?

We don't want to dub former housemate Noirin Kelly a 'floozy' because that's a bit harsh, but how many other male Big Brother 10 contestants can she flirt-with, string along or snog?

During her stay in the Big Brother House, the pretty retailer first had Sree chasing after her, but rather than tell him outright that he stood no chance and that she wasn't interested, she said that they'd be friends forever and told him: "You never know what's going to happen around the corner". Nothing was ever going to happen between them though.

She then attracted the amorous attentions of Marcus, who became a stalker-like figure, defending her honour and sticking to her like glue. Again, the 25-year-old Dubliner kept talking about their 'friendship' and never actually set the record straight with the 35-year-old or made it clear that he stood no chance either.

Next, when Marcus got put into prison one night, Noirin began canoodling with Siavash. However, within days of first kissing the Iranian events organiser, her ex-boyfriend arrived from America so she dropped Siavash like a hot potato to take-up with the Yankee bad boy.

Now though, it seems that Noirin – who dubbed herself 'beautiful' before the series started and suggested that men just fall at her feet – has taken-up with another ex-housemate, namely BB10 latecomer and subsequent quitter Tom Oliver.

With both having appeared on the 'Big Brother's Little Brother' reunion show last weekend, Noirin confirmed that her on-off boyfriend Isaac Stout is now back in the USA, adding: "He's just in a different place to me," in-reference to their commitment to each other.

She went on record after their last split to say that she loved Isaac and wanted to be in a relationship with him, but that no longer seems to be the case. So, all the talk about getting married when they exited the House was clearly a load of baloney... or just another case of Noirin stringing someone along?

Anyway, when asked by BBLB host George Lamb last week if was true that she and muscleman Tom are now an item, Noirin wheeled-out her classic 'We're just friends' line, but the posh yacht broker replied: "Daddy's back," using one of Isaac's corny lines and hinting that they are indeed together.

The pair admitted that they liked each other while in the House, and have seemingly been flaunting their relationship a bit more this week, first at the series wrap party and then at the recording of the final 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' show (due to be aired tonight, 11/9/09), enough for host Davina McCall to 'Tweet': "I got the impression Tom and Noirin are a couple... friends with benefits!"

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