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Who Stays Tonight? YOU Decide!

The title of this article on any normal Friday afternoon would be 'Who Goes Tonight?', but as you probably know by now, Big Brother reversed the voting this week so fans aren't voting to kick someone out, but to keep their favourite/s in.

Therefore, it's harder to actually get rid-of a hated housemate, because what can you do...? Vote loads of times for the other nine contenders? That's not really feasible. So, the person with the least number of votes will go tonight, but it makes the result harder to predict. Indeed, we still have no idea who's likely to go!

When we announced that all ten housemates were up on Tuesday, we guessed that it might be David, Hira and Lisa most at risk. Yesterday (Thursday), bookies thought that Lisa was the most likely to go, followed by Bea and then David. Today though, they've got Bea as their favourite to go, with Hira and then David just behind i.e. no Lisa.

Our 8th Eviction Poll, which has had well over 6000 votes at the time of writing, suggests that David is the most likely to go tonight with just 6% of the vote (higher percentage = safer), closely followed by Bea and Hira jointly on 7%, and then Lisa on 8%.

So, it's all very close, but there's a distinct possibility that some BBO site visitors have mistakenly voted in our Poll for the person they want evicted, forgetting that the voting has been reversed this week. In other words, they might be a Freddie fan and want Lisa out, but accidentally chose Lisa on the Poll without thinking, thereby helping to save her.

Of course, the Polls don't actually affect the end result as they're just for fun, but usually they give a good idea what's going to happen. This week, however, we couldn't want to call it.

If you have more of an idea what's going happen tonight, you might want to have a little gamble on the outcome? To check-out the latest odds and get yourself a Free Bet, just visit our Betting Zone section. It's quick and easy to bet online, even if you've never done-so before

Who stays tonight? YOU decide?

You have until around 9.30pm tonight, Friday the 7th of August 2009, to register your vote/s. You can find the voting numbers in Week 9 of our Latest News section. Don't forget to tune-in to the two Channel 4 shows at 9pm and 10.35pm tonight to see who gets the chop.

And if you haven't voted in the relevant Home page Poll yet, please do-so. We'll start a few new Polls by Saturday morning, and we're still taking suggestions if you have any ideas for Poll themes, whether silly or serious.

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