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Understanding Our 'Hypothetical' Polls

Occasionally we start a hypothetical Poll, pitting certain housemates against each other in a would-be Eviction or Finale. However, some site visitors haven't quite grasped, or perhaps embraced, the concept.

Such Polls put fans in a 'what if' situation, where we are trying to find-out what our site visitors would do/ who they'd vote-for if a particular person went up-against another one, either in a weekly eviction or at the series Finale. We're not talking about the usual 1st, 2nd, 3rd Eviction Polls here, nor the 'Who Do You Want Out Next? ones.

For instance, we ran a hypothetical Poll after the original 7th Eviction got cancelled (Channel 4 called it the 8th Eviction but we deem non-housemate Beinazir to have been 'rejected' rather than evicted). If you recall, originally eleven people were 'up' – everyone but goody-goodies Lisa and Rodrigo – and the Poll got going when the nominees were announced on the Tuesday.

However, by the Thursday afternoon Karly's boyfriend Kenneth had quit the game, so C4 scrapped the eviction, somewhat inexplicably in our opinion given that there was another ten people facing eviction that week.

During those two days, however, the Poll had received several thousand votes, and once we removed all the votes for Ken, it was apparent that the three most hated/ disposable nominees were Marcus on 48%, Noirin on 18% and Hira on 13%, the latter receiving such a high figure because she's frankly pointless and has made little impact.

No-one else had more than 5% in that Poll, so – given that our Polls have been rather accurate in predicting who'll go at the evictions this year – it was obvious that if the eviction had gone ahead, either Hira, Marcus or Noirin would have gone. That's why we subsequently started a hypothetical Poll with just those three in it.

Anyway, the hypothetical Poll result was Marcus 45%, Noirin 32% and Hira 23%, which tells us that Marcus would definitely have left that week had the eviction gone ahead. When the 7th Eviction did actually take place a week later though, fans had turned against Noirin and she got the boot with 60% in the public vote when up-against just Marcus.

We digress, as the point is that quite a few fans wrote-in moaning that our hypothetical Poll didn't include housemates such as Charlie. However, they had totally missed the point, because Charlie would NEVER have been evicted that week, he was totally safe. So, why would we include him in a hypothetical Poll where we're narrowing down the likely candidates?

Also, with hypothetical Polls, we're trying to find-out who fans will switch their allegiance to. Okay, so you may want Bea, David, Hira, Lisa or Marcus to win at the moment, but the person you favour could get the boot within the next few weeks, or may come Fourth overall, so who will you then want to win/ vote-for on Finale night?

That's what our very latest hypothetical Poll, titled 'Early End', is asking, and it features just five housemates: Charlie, Freddie, Rodrigo, Siavash and Sophie. What we are effectively saying is that they are the likely finalists (although anything could happen to change that over the coming five weeks, and it's subject to the others getting nominated), so which one would be your preferred Winner?

If you don't like any of the five listed, and can't see yourself changing allegiances, your only option is to abstain from voting in this particular Poll. However, just like the previous Poll, where there was no option to choose Charlie, we're pushing you to think, 'Okay, so the person I want to win isn't available, who will I switch my support to?'

Sorry to waffle-on, but we hope we've cleared things up for the fans that got a bit hot under the collar before. Big Brother Online is an independent website and we have no agenda, nor are we attempting to steer you towards a particular outcome.

To clarify, we haven't included the likes of Hira in the 'Early End' Poll because there's absolutely no way that she could possibly win Big Brother 10. If we're proven wrong, we'll give you all £1000... we are that confident!

We hope you continue to enjoy voting in our Home page Polls.

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