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Is Marcus John McCririck's Son?

Following his appearance on Big Brother's Little Brother last night, we're genuinely starting to think that despite the different surname, Big Brother 10 housemate Marcus Akin is really obnoxious racing pundit and former Celeb BB contestant John McCririck's offspring!

Firstly and most obviously, both men wear sideburns; John's in some kind-of unruly Doctor Snuggles fashion, and Marcus going for the Wolverine look. But there are other similarities, as the VT shown on BBLB demonstrated.

John was known for unashamedly picking his nose and eating his bogies, while Marcus has also been seen picking his schnoz in the House. Then there's the fact that both guys have been known to lounge around ogling at the female housemates as they exercise in skimpy attire.

Marcus has wrecked stuff in the Diary Room and was seen on the BBLB VT walking-out of the room aggressively, and John was notorious for being a grumpy git who would kick-off if he didn't get his own way. He was also shown on the VT having a pop at Big Bro and exiting the Diary Room in a huff.

Tic-tac man John was unbelievably sexist during his stay, and referred to his wife as The Booby, explaining that it meant 'a bird who is stupid and pathetically easy to catch', while Marcus has referred to his female peers as 'bits of meat'.

Marcus is the biggest rebel that Big Brother has seen for a long time, having climbed on the roof and even got a short-lived 'silent protest' going in the Diary Room, while John abstained from talking for three whole days because the entity wouldn't give him any cola.

John sulked over his cola, and Marcus showed equally babyish behaviour over losing potential girlfriend Noirin to Siavash, even though he stood no chance. On that note, a deluded Marcus thought he could pull the pretty retailer, while John thought that lingerie model Caprice would be lusting after him!

But the similarities between the pair don't end there, as John demonstrated during his time in the House that he's anything but politically-correct, while Marcus told Big Bro during one of his rants that the entity had angered him by trying to be too 'PC'.

And lastly, John was known to be a bit of a Sweaty Betty, and Sophie recently moaned that Marcus' vests were stained by sweat.

So, what say you? If Marcus had been introduced as John's son, you wouldn't disbelieve it; you'd just think he was a chip off the old block!

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