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All Ten Housemates Face Eviction/ It's 'Vote To Save'

Following yesterday's Ninth Round of nominations, all of the housemates are 'up' this week. This isn't a result of the actual nominations however, but due to a rule-break from Marcus and a refusal to nominate by Siavash, the latter being something we wrote about last night.

Yesterday afternoon, Marcus flouted the rules by telling half the group: "I wouldn't mind going home this week, you lot". Brainbox Sophie replied, "Are you trying to influence our votes, to go up for eviction?" and that's precisely what Big Brother thought too, hence the punishment.

Then, just before 6.30pm, Siavash entered the Diary Room to nominate – the last housemate to do-so – and told the all-seeing entity: "I'm done. I'm not going to nominate anyone. I'm not taking part in this little game any more. I came to this House to hang-out, (and) I'm going to hang-out without nominating anyone".

So, he followed through with his recent vow to abstain, and the defiant Iranian was consequently told by Big Bro: "Siavash, as you have refused to nominate, there will be consequences for the rest of your fellow housemates".

The situation with Siavash gave the producers a real dilemma though, because if they were to put everyone up as punishment for his behaviour, Siavash would go up himself, thereby getting his wish. Also, he would likely be nominated by his peers next week, and therefore go up again... but not get evicted because the public still like him... and therefore survive to do it again the week after.

Fans speculated about what Big Brother could do, putting forward their own solutions to the dilemma which ranged from just throwing Siavash out, to lowering the prize money for every minute he fails to give his nominations, to confiscating his clothes and making him wear Y-fronts and argyle socks until he names two nominees!

Here at BBO, we thought they could shave all his hair off or stick him in a room full of spiders, but no, they went with the obvious punishment, and now everyone is facing eviction. Whatsmore, there's positive voting this week, unlike during a normal eviction when fans are trying to get their most despised housemate out.

So, with 'vote to save', it'll be the least popular contestant that leaves on Friday night – more specifically, the person who receives the least number of votes – but that will only make it harder for fans to get rid of people such as Bea, Lisa and Marcus.

As-for who's likely to go, we have absolutely no idea at this stage. David? Hira? Lisa? Things will become a bit clearer when we get a new Poll going on our Home page shortly. Even so, it's unlikely to reflect the actual public vote result exactly, because a lot of fans will be happy to vote in a Poll for free, but are not prepared to pick-up the phone and pay to vote.

However, just like at the series Finale, when it's always positive voting ('vote to win'), it's even more important to vote for your favourite/s this week, to ensure that they stay in the game.

So, who stays? YOU decide!

The 8th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Friday the 7th August 2009, and voting lines are now open. The voting telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from Week 9 of our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 8th Eviction, which will run until Friday evening. Remember, it's just for fun and you still need to register a phone vote-or-two if you desperately want rid-of a particular nominee.

With so many people 'up' this week, it might be worth having a little flutter on the outcome of the eviction. We've made around £400 betting on the evictions so far, and you could win a few 'quid too if you get it right.

If you'd like to check-out the odds for the 8th Eviction and find-out about the FREE £25/£50 Bets you can get, just visit our Betting Zone and click the links to the bookies listed there.

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