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Noirin's 'Ex' Isaac Arrives Tonight

We said last Thursday night that a newbie was set to arrive the following day to replace quitter Kenneth. Then, on the Friday we told you exclusively who the proposed newbie was – Noirin's ex-boyfriend Isaac Stout – but stated that he probably wouldn't be arriving until the weekend for various reasons.

However, latecomer Tom quit the show in the early hours of Sunday morning and subsequently appeared on BBLB later that day, delaying Isaac's planned entrance into the House. So, on Sunday we re-iterated that Isaac had already flown into the UK and confirmed that the producers were in talks about when to put him in.

Well, patient BB fans, we can tell you that the time has now come... finally!

Here's the story so far: Noirin has attracted the attentions of no less than six people during her time in the House, and so her pre-entrance claim that men fall in love with her wasn't far off the mark (well, one of those six was actually a woman, but still).

Most recently though, despite the fact that Marcus has been following Noirin around like a shadow for weeks, hinting at a possible relationship, she suddenly started snogging Siavash when the Wolverine-lookalike got locked-up for the evening in the BB prison.

Since then, Noirin has been at pains to say that she's not looking for a relationship and basically just wants kisses and cuddles. Some might say that she is therefore using Siavash in the same way that she has done Marcus; for company and attention when it suits her. Indeed.

We were gonna' say that at least she's been more upfront with Siavash, whereas she was very vague with Marcus about where their 'friendship' was leading. However, it's only because Freddie played the role of middle-man that Siavash has become aware of Noirin's intentions i.e. that she's not committing herself to the future (meaning: it's probably going nowhere mate).

Some weeks back, arguably to try and put Sree off, Noirin claimed that she still has feelings for her 'ex', but she has also talked about quitting recently and her Mum has speculated that the 25-year-old might even jack it all in if Isaac turns up. Well, it's not an 'if' now, as the 23-year-old bar owner, entertainer and reality TV star will surprise the housemates by delivering a fish & chips meal tonight.

However, seeing as they flew him in from America a week-or-so ago, it's ridiculous that Channel didn't arrange a special live show tonight so that viewers could watch his arrival in real time. Okay, so we'll see an edited version of it on Thursday night's highlights show, but it's not the same.

And it's a kick in the teeth for fans that the broadcaster didn't even see fit to bump some other programmes on E4, so that the live feed could get going at a sensible time tonight. Starting at 1am, when Isaac will have been in the Big Brother House for several hours, is simply not good enough. Who's running this show... Laurel & blinkin' Hardy?

Just like the existing eleven housemates, Isaac will be eligible to win from the moment he arrives. It remains to be seen whether fans will keep nominee Noirin in on Friday just to see how the love-tangle goes next week, or if they'll evict her out-of spite because the guy she apparently still loves will be so close (and may even propose!)

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