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Marcus & Siavash: United They Stand

The pair weren't actually standing tonight – it was more a case of lounging around under duvets while lying on the sofas – but they definitely seemed to be united!

Just a matter of a few days ago, there was literally no conversation between Marcus and Siavash, and even 24-hours ago they were barely talking. However, the guys were as thick as thieves in the early hours of the morning.

Alone on the sofas, the pair seemed to have rekindled their recently-strained friendship in light of Isaac's earlier arrival. And discussing the situation, Siavash, who got further than potential love-rival Marcus by actually snogging Noirin, said, "What's up with the whole 'ex's and boyfriends and sh*t coming in?"

Marcus opined that Big Brother would likely let Siavash see his ex-girlfriend to compensate, speculating that she might come-in for a task and spend a little time with the events man. "To knock you down like this, they've gotta' do something pretty good to build it up," suggested the Wolverine lookalike.

Chatting away like there was nothing wrong, Marcus played Agony Aunt too, by suggesting that the pair could meet the 'best person ever' when they get out-of the Big Brother House, the old 'plenty more fish in the sea' argument.

Siavash was clearly still reeling though, noting: "(You) live with someone for f***ing 7 weeks and still make the f***ing wrong decision," but again Marcus, who was previously angry with Siavash for getting close to Noirin, seemed to be in a forgiving mood, effectively telling his pal that he'd played right into the producers' hands.

At the end of the conversation, the pair decided that Bea had been gullible and was being used by Noirin, and deduced that Freddie had been suss to the retail manager's game-playing quite early on. "Bad boys for life?" said Siavash as the pair shook hands, before the Iranian apologised for causing Marcus heartache (in so many words).

So, the old friendship is back, and it's now a fight for Marcus to fend off possible eviction on Friday night. For the boys, it's definitely a case of united they stand, divided they fall, as it looks like neither one wants Noirin to stay now.

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