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Kris Challenges Tom's Parting Comments

Former housemate Kris Donnelly appeared on fanzine show 'Big Brother's Little Brother' tonight to challenge suggestions by recent-quitter Tom Oliver that the curly-haired merchandiser is no good for Sophie.

Just before quitting the show last Sunday, Tom addressed half the group and said to Sophie about Kris: "If he is there when you go out, he's there for all the wrong reasons. I think you'd be better off being on your own, as opposed to with Kris". Tom also said that public obviously don't think Kris is a good guy because they voted him out.

Talking to host George Lamb about Tom's parting comments, Kris quipped: "He's had too many protein shakes hasn't he?", before going-on to suggest that the musclebound latecomer was sent in to shake things up a bit and so just used him to make an impact.

George helped Kris out by suggesting that Tom was making a weak exit and was therefore trying to claw back some dignity, and in response the 24-year-old ex-housemate said, "Well, he tried his best".

With regard to Tom's comment about Kris not being liked in the outside world, Kris said, "Touch wood, it's been alright. The reception's been brilliant everywhere I've gone". The (mostly female) audience cheered the one-time model, so he's obviously not that unpopular, despite getting evicted with 63% in a 5-way vote.

When asked by George if Kris' love for Sophie is as strong as it was while he was in the Big Brother House, the 5th Evictee replied: "Definitely, without a shadow of a doubt. At the end of the day, I know how I feel; it's not changed since I've left the House at all. In fact, I've probably got even stronger feelings for her".

However, Kris did admit partying with 6th Evictee Karly and staying in the same hotel as the 21-year-old glamour girl. He was also pictured walking along holding hands with her, which Kris explained by saying that they were just getting away from somewhere quickly. Ahem.

Quite frankly, we'd all-but forgotten about Kris, and even if he does get together with Sophie when she comes out, the newspapers and magazines are unlikely to be stampeding to buy his story. Oh, and the jury's still out on whether his and Sophie's thing together was a 'fauxmance' or not, whatever he says.

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