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Seventh Round Nominees Announced: 11 Face Eviction!

As if things weren't already complicated enough this week, a whopping eleven housemates have ended-up facing eviction and now we've got to try and explain how!

As you're probably aware, it was supposed to be an either/or situation, whereby either the newbies would go up for failing their secret mission, or the nominees (including at least Freddie and Noirin) would go up instead. However, the majority of the original housemates decided to defy Big Brother and mess with the proceedings.

Even though some of the original housemates thought something was afoot with the newbies, they didn't actually suss-out what Bea, David, Hira, Ken and Tom were up-to, or specifically what their secret mission was.

However, before the seventh round of nominations took place yesterday evening, the longstanding housemates had a pact to deliberately break the rules regarding discussing nominations.

So, led by Siavash and Marcus, the biggest rebels last week when they climbed on the roof and chucked the bath into the pool, all the original housemates bar Lisa and Rodrigo named who they were intending to nominate.

Of course, they weren't being entirely truthful or serious because it was done in front of one another, but what they said was enough to break the rules and get them into trouble. Not wanting any part of it, Lisa refused to defy Big Brother, as did Rodders.

Anyway, the nomination procedure subsequently took place because Big Brother needed to find-out if the newbies had passed their task. But even then, only Lisa and Rodrigo nominated properly, with most of the others either giving silly reasons, nominating according to a pact, or, in the case of Sophie, refusing to name more than one nominee.

For the record, the pair that received the most nominations (and remember, the five newbies could neither nominate nor be nominated) was Charlie and Lisa, but it was inevitable from the moment Hira was given a secret task that the five newbies would fail, and seeing as they did, they will definitely face eviction on Friday night.

However, Big Brother punished Charlie, Freddie, Marcus, Noirin, Siavash and Sophie for breaking the rules by openly discussing nominations, so those six are also facing eviction on Friday.

So, this week, Bea, Charlie, David, Freddie, Hira, Ken, Marcus, Noirin, Siavash, Sophie and Tom are all 'up' and were told the news last night. At this stage, we have no idea who's likely to go, but it surely has to be between Ken, Noirin and Marcus?

Fans took an instant dislike to newcomer Ken, who is arrogant, chauvinistic, absolutely loves himself and is a bit of a sleaze. However, some fans think that he's great for the show, and want to keep him for a while just to see how much friction he can cause.

Talking of sleaze, arguable perve Marcus is not the fans' most favourite housemate either. Second to Lisa, he's the one that the majority of fans want out this week according to Polls, and seeing as we can't get rid of Lisa now, that makes Marcus a top target to go.

Frankly, fans have had enough of his know-all attitude, inappropriate comments, ridiculously unbelievable 'hardman' persona and the fact that he's become Noirin's self-appointed protector, shadow and stalker.

But Noirin herself hasn't become any more popular since she caused the 'Bunnygate' ruck almost two weeks ago, She was second to Karly in the unpopularity stakes last week when four people faced eviction, and although she was 15/20% behind Karly in the Polls, fellow contenders Siavash and Sophie were a good 30% behind her.

Noirin's failure to set the record straight with Marcus and tell him that she's definitely not interested, her fickle behaviour towards Tom, and her constant moaning, have ensured her continued unpopularity.

The 7th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Friday the 24th of July 2009, and voting lines will open tonight. The voting telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from Week 7 of our Latest News section soon.
Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 7th Eviction, which will go live soon and run until Friday evening. Remember, it's just for fun and you still need to register a phone vote-or-two if you desperately want rid-of a particular nominee.

Seeing as eleven people are facing eviction it might be worth having a little flutter again. So, if you'd like to check-out the odds for the 7th Eviction and maybe have a bet on the outcome to spice things up, visit our Betting Zone section and click one of the links to the bookies there.

All three bookmakers offer new customers a Free Bet (worth up to £50) so in a way you can't lose, and the odds are already available for the 7th Eviction. We've made around £300 betting on BB10 so far, and you could win too...

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