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Noirin & Siavash Get Close... REAL Close!

Seemingly out-of nowhere, it appears that Noirin and Siavash have fallen for one another.

We know, we know... it's all getting a bit weird now, like Irish retailer Noirin has some kind-of magical powers or something (or witches potions? - Ed). First Sree fell for the pretty 25-year-old and wouldn't leave her alone with his creepy attentions.

Then Angel declared that she fancied Noirin, but got evicted soon after. Meanwhile, Marcus helped Noirin fend-off Sree's attentions, but ended-up become a bona fide stalker himself, and a somewhat pervy one at that.

Freddie even fancied his chances at one point, and then Tom arrived last week saying that he liked Noirin but couldn't be bothered with the inevitable hassle from Noirin's pal and protector Marcus. And Noirin said that she thought Tom was attractive in return.

Now though, having snubbed Marcus last night to spend time chatting to Siavash, Noirin has gone the whole hog and jumped into bed with him, canoodling with her Iranian peer when self-appointed shadow Marcus was thrown into jail by Big Brother. Blimey, she didn't waste any time!

As the pair gazed into each other's eyes looking totally smitten, they lay hand-in-hand next to one another in the bed, indulging in cuddles aplenty and the odd little kiss, with some tender cheek-stroking thrown-in for good measure. The pair's faces were literally an inch apart as they whispered softly for ages, looking every bit the courting couple.

So, is Noirin being manipulative? Is Siavash being naive and foolish? Or have the pair formed a mutual gameplan to start a romance in-order to avoid nominations? We don't know at this stage. All we do know, is that a few weeks ago, Siavash opined that Noirin was making the male housemates think she's interested in them just to avoid nominations.

We have a few pointers for Siavash: i. it doesn't pay to ally yourself to unpopular housemates, just ask Kris and Karly, ii. are you aware that Marcus (thinks he's) the Jackie Chan of karate? and more worryingly, iii. don't you have secret girlfriend on the outside mate? Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Watch-out Siavash. If you play with fire, you'll end-up getting burnt, whatever your agenda.

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