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Kenneth Has Quit!

At around 5am this morning (Thursday the 23rd of July 2009, Day 50), Big Brother 10 latecomer Kenneth Tong dramatically quit the show by escaping over the wall.

Having been sat on his own for a while in contemplative mood, after allegedly finding a letter from girlfriend-and-recent-evictee Karly, Ken spent ages showering himself and getting all dressed-up at around 2.30am, before heading for a chat with Big Brother.

As the 24-year-old casually sauntered towards the Diary Room all dressed in black, Charlie asked the self-styled 'International Playboy' why he was looking so smart, and Siavash suggested that he was about to quit. "Your not gonna' walk away or anything?" quizzed the events organiser, to which Ken replied: "No, I don't walk".

With half the group still up, everyone then followed Ken into the bathroom, and as he cleaned his teeth Bea suggested that he wouldn't get dressed-up and do his hair for nothing. However, Ken was dismissive, acting strangely and being vague about what was going-on, even letting his peers think that someone was possibly coming-in i.e. Karly.

Ken then went into the bedroom and spoke briefly to his biggest ally Lisa, even though she was asleep, and Lisa gave him the thumbs-up and said, "It's gonna' be good". Clearly something was afoot, although Kenny subsequently re-iterated to the group that he didn't intend to leave.

But when Ken returned from a visit to the Diary Room having said, "I'll come right back out, you'll see in a minute," confusion reigned when he was very evasive about what he was up-to, about what Big Bro had said, and the reason he was clutching a special 'all blue' token. He was told by his peers that if he left, it would make him a quitter.

Anyway, the hours passed-by and most of the group went to bed, but shortly before 5am and assisted and encouraged by Marcus (who was the first to climb on the roof the other day when they were rebelling against Big Brother), Ken eventually hopped-up on to the garden wall and was soon gone.

"I came in as a legend, and I'll leave as one," were his parting words, but quite frankly, BB fans can probably think of a couple of words to substitute 'legend' in that sentence; one begins with the letter 'w' and rhymes with banker, and another begins with 'p' and rhymes with stick!

'The legend' that is Ken Tong managed to last just 126 hours in the game, and he was the clear favourite to be evicted on Friday when he quit... by an absolute MILE. He was the second quitter of the series, after Saffia left on Day 8.

Channel 4 are still deciding whether to go ahead with the eviction or not, although we can see no reason for them to cancel it. Please keep an eye on our BB10 News section for an update.

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