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Ken Receives Warning For Threatening Behaviour

Newcomer Ken Tong has received an official warning for his arguably threatening behaviour aimed at Bea.

It all started when Bea refused to get involved in the secret mission, which is both admirable because she's fond of Freddie, but also annoying because it doesn't show team spirit. Mind you, ultimately Big Brother is not a team game.

Arguably, Bea started the bad-feeling by refusing to give Tom advice on completing the task, then snapping at Ken: "I really wouldn't start having a problem with me Kenny". But, somewhat sinisterly, Ken mumbled something about having been close to some of the most dangerous men in the world, effectively saying that he can't be intimidated by Bea.

Later, out in the garden, Charlie told Bea that Kenny had suggested she was trying to intimidate him, but when Bea challenged her Chinese peer he got angry and challenged her back, prompting the recruitment consultant to say, "Go away". The pair bickered for a while and Ken showed slightly aggressive tendencies during their spat.

Talking to Charlie, Lisa and Rodrigo afterwards, Ken said about Bea: "If we were outside, the problem would have been sorted (Ken clicked his fingers and said 'Done'). People just don't mess with me, it's just not done. (I have) too many people on my side". Ken then told Charlie that he doesn't do things himself, but wouldn't be drawn on precisely what his comment/ threat meant.

Charlie later told the rest of the group about Kenny's comments – that he'd said he would get someone to deal with it for him on the outside – and a concerned Bea went straight to the Diary Room. The pacifist was told by Big Brother that the housemates' welfare is of utmost importance, and reassured that threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

After Tom pointed-out to Ken that he had overstepped the mark, the 24-year-old backpeddled and apologised to Bea, suggesting that his comments had been misconstrued and claiming that he was feeling bad about it. Bea told him in response: "I really would just like to leave it, and I do feel threatened by you".

When talking to Charlie and Lisa about the situation in the garden, Ken suggested that what he meant by his 'problem sorted' comment was that in the real world, Bea would have been removed from his presence by his security team (apparently he has bodyguards). In other words, he didn't mean to threaten or suggest any violence towards Bea.

As a consequence of his actions, Ken was told by Big Brother: "Kenneth, if you cannot agree to live by the rules, Big Brother will take further action". It was made clear that his language could easily have intimidated his peers, and Ken was given an official warning for his unacceptable behaviour.

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