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Freddie & Noirin Are Targets For Newbies' Task

We told you last night that the five new housemates would be given a secret task, but fans have already become confused by it. So, let's try and clear things up with a bit of help from Channel 4 (so this is the Official word on it).

Soon after Karly's eviction, one new housemate was called to the Diary Room and Hira had a half-hearted tussle with Kenneth over who was going-in. Hira won, and was informed by Big Brother that all five newcomers are automatically 'up' and facing eviction next week. Bummer.

"The only way you can save yourselves is if all five of you successfully complete a joint secret mission," said the all-scheming entity, before explaining that Hira was required to pull two balls (marked with the eight original housemate's names) from a bag, and ensure that whoever got pulled-out was nominated for eviction on Monday.

So, seeing as Freddie and Noirin's names came out, the five newbies must now collude over the weekend to make the original housemates nominate that pair. It was explained to Hira that she should tell the other newbies about the secret task, but ensure that the original housemates don't find out. However, she didn't seem to grasp it.

One aspect that wasn't entirely clear to fans was, whether it has to be only Freddie and Noirin nominated, or if that pair just have to be among the nominees after the 7th Round of nominations has taken place on Monday. Well, the latter is correct; as long as Freddie and Noirin go up, regardless of who else goes up with them, that's the task passed.

Another slightly confusing issue was what happens to the newbies if they pass their secret task, and the answer is fairly obvious: they will then be safe next Friday. In the meantime, they cannot nominate or be nominated at the next round, so it's down to them to get busy gossiping and manipulating their peers before Monday afternoon.

Just to make another point clear, if the newbies fail, it will be just them put up for eviction next week. So, it's an either/ or situation. For instance, if Lisa, Marcus and Noirin end-up facing eviction after the nominations have taken place, the task will have been failed and the five newbies (only) will go up, with the nominees being let-off the hook.

However, should Freddie, Lisa and Noirin go up (or just Freddie and Noirin, or any other combination as long as it contains that pair), the task will have been passed and the newbies will be safe for at least one week. In that case, the eviction will proceed as normal, with ALL the nominees fighting it out in the public vote.

Of course, there's a chance that the noobs could do absolutely nothing to sway votes and Freddie and Noirin still go up because their peers don't like them, thereby saving the noobs' bacon.

Sceptical fans have already accused the producers of being vague and ambiguous about the secret task, in-order that they can change things to suit. However, we think it's more a case of them not explaining things properly rather than deliberately leaving information out.

On that note, if dizzy Hira manages to convey the details of the secret mission to her peers correctly, it will be something of a miracle!

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