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Bea Is The Bookies' Favourite Newbie

Hippy-chick Bea only arrived on Friday night, but within 48 hours she has become not only the bookies' favourite newcomer, but overtaken original housemates Lisa, Marcus and Noirin as the likely Winner.

Freddie is still the Favourite to win Big Brother 10, with current odds of 15/8 at William Hill, and Siavash is the second-favourite on 3/1 (20/07/09). However, Bea has made an immediate positive impact, partly because of her instant bond with Freddie, and partly down to her likeable personality.

Indeed, in our current Home page Poll, asking which of the five newbies you like best, Bea is way out in the lead with 57%. Then it goes: Tom (17%), Ken (12%), Hira (8%) and lastly, David (7%). So, the others don't really stand a chance of winning to be frank, but does Bea?

A couple of weeks ago, we would have advised you to put all your money on the 'male winner' market, although we still can't discount Sophie at the current odds of 8/1 now that she is free of Kris. At those odds, she is a good outside bet and might be worth sticking £20 on. That would net you a profit of £160 (plus your stake back) if she goes all the way.

Just remember, at this stage last year, no-one knew that Rachel had a chance of winning, so stranger things have happened.

Getting back to Bea though, at 12/1 she is also a decent bet, because something could happen to Freddie and Siavash that paves the way for her to win. Last year, latecomer Sara Folino came pretty close to winning, and during Big Brother 6, Eugene Sully came even closer, finishing as the Runner-up despite having arrived in Week 5 of the game.

Anyway, a £20 bet on Bea at 12/1 would net you £240 profit (plus your stake back) if successful. Not a bad punt?

Please check-out our Betting Zone section for more details on three separate FREE BETS you can take advantage-of; two of up to £25 and one of up to £50. There's no catch, you just place our first bet and they give you a Free bet straight away, provided you're a new customer. Whatsmore, it's quick and easy to sign-up and bet online, even if you've never done-so before.

If you do decide to have a little flutter to make things more interesting, please only bet an amount that you can afford to lose. That said, the more you stake, the more you can win. For instance, £100 on Siavash at the current odds would make you £300 profit if the bet came good, but you'd have to be prepared to write that money off and deem it a bit of fun if you get it wrong.

To see how well we're doing this series, visit our Betting Zone section where we detail all of our bets... however, we're fairly sure that our bet on Rodders to win is going nowhere now, due to his constant moaning and moodiness!

Good Luck with your own betting.

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