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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

So far this series, Beinazir was 'rejected' right at the start, and Saffia quit just before the 1st Eviction. Then, Sophia, Cairon, Angel, Sree and Kris were all evicted, one a week, in that order. Tonight, the eighth person will leave the Big Brother House as the 6th Evictee.

Karly, Noirin, Siavash and Sophie are all facing eviction this week, the first pair having been nominated by their peers, the second pair having broken the rules and subsequently failed one of Big Bro's punishment tests.

When we announced the nominees on Sunday night, we said that Siavash is safe this week and suggested that Sophie is too. Nothing has changed. With regards to the other two though, when we wrote the aforementioned article we weren't entirely sure how it would go tonight.

We say that because in our 9-way 'Who do you want evicted next?' Poll, which began after Kris was evicted and ran until this week's nominees were announced, if you take just Karly and Noirin it was 42%/ 58% in favour of losing the latter.

However, although fans have definitely tired of Noirin's game-playing, feistiness and selfish behaviour now, the majority of fans want to kick Karly out now that they've got the chance

This is not only because the young Scot has shown a nasty, bitchy side lately, but mainly because she's Lisa's lapdog and fans can't wait to see Lisa's stunned and angry face when another member of her clique gets the boot.

And fans are very likely to get their wish tonight, when the unemployed glamour girl gets sent back to the dole queue with around 50% in the public vote.

Anyway, who goes tonight? YOU decide!

You have until around 9.30pm tonight, Friday the 17th of July 2009, to register your vote/s. You can find the voting numbers in Week 6 of our Latest News section. Don't forget to tune-in to the two Channel 4 shows at 9pm and 10.35pm tonight to see who gets the chop. And if you haven't voted in the relevant Home page Poll yet, please do-so. We'll start some new Polls on Saturday morning.

It's still not too late to have a gamble on the latest eviction, but as the odds are quite low, why not have a little flutter on the Overall Winner instead? Check-out our Betting Zone section for links to a number of bookies, all offering new customers Free Bets. It's quick and easy to bet online, even if you've never done-so before.

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