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Sixth Round Nominees Announced: Four Are Up

The Sixth Round of nominations took place today, a day earlier than it normally would have for the reasons given here. However, this time around it wasn't straightforward, because Big Brother punished Siavash and Sophie this morning by making them abstain from uttering any profanities for a period of 5/6 hours.

Suffice to say, the pair didn't pass Big Bro's test as they only managed a couple of hours without swearing, thereby ensuring that they would both be 'up' this week.

Siavash and Soph' weren't allowed to tell their peers about the punishment test, and Big Bro only told the group that they'd failed just before the nominations started this afternoon. So, presumably, some of the group had to hastily rethink who they were going to nominate, because obviously they couldn't choose that pair.

Anyway, the aforementioned pair effectively put themselves up, and so after everyone had voted at the sixth round of nominations, the following housemates are facing eviction this week: Karly, Noirin, Siavash and Sophie.

Surprised? Shocked even? We say that because many fans thought it would be Freddie versus Marcus this week and were actually gunning for the latter (along with Top Dog Lisa). However, now that Freddie has the all-time Big Brother UK record for facing/ surviving the most number of evictions, his peers seem to have let-up on him.

So, thinking about who's unlikely to go this week, Siavash's name comes to mind first.

The Iranian is currently the second-favourite to win behind Freddie, and many fans think he's a really genuine, likeable bloke. The bust-up that he had with Noirin recently, during-which he arguably lied (we still haven't got to the bottom of it), doesn't seem to have affected him.

Sophie is also unlikely to go, not because she's really popular, but because she's not unpopular, if that makes sense. Also, the surgically-enhanced model probably stands more of a chance now that she's free of pseudo-boyfriend Kris, and if she can distance herself from the clique, all the better. So, it's between Karly and Noirin then.

Around two weeks ago we ran a hypothetical 'Winner' Poll with Karly vs Noirin vs Sophie in a would-be 'all-girl' Final. In the Poll, Karly was clearly ahead of Noirin, with Sophie being the least likely to win if they were the three finalists (40%, 33%, 27% respectively).

However, public opinion can change, and it would seem that viewers have turned against Karly recently, probably because of her closeness and dogged allegiance to the clique, plus the fact that she's Lisa's mouthpiece. But have fans changed their opinion on Karly as much as they have Noirin?

Quite frankly, fans have now had enough of the Irish retailer's manipulative gameplaying, leading the male housemates on and unnecessarily confrontational behaviour. Indeed, the huge amount of friction she caused last week by betraying Siavash's trust could well be the undoing of her.

All we can say is that we've found Karly to be a pointless housemate for some time now, and Noirin is arguably the stronger and more interesting character as far as the game goes.

So, it's a case of: put an end to the possibility of more friction and gameplaying from Noirin, or pick off another member of the clique to really upset Lisa? YOU decide!

The 6th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Friday the 17h of July 2009, and voting lines will open on Monday evening. The voting telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from Week 6 of our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 6th Eviction, which is now live and will run until Friday evening. Remember, it's just for fun and you still need to register a phone vote-or-two if you desperately want rid-of a particular nominee.

Four people are up this week, so just like last week when it was something other than the previous few weeks' two-way vote, it might actually be worth having a little gamble on the outcome of the eviction this week.

So, if you'd like to check-out the odds for the 6th Eviction and maybe have a bet on the outcome to spice things up a bit, visit our Betting Zone and click one of the links to the bookies there. Both offer new customers a Free £25 Free Bet, so in a way you can't lose, and the odds will likely be available from Tuesday morning.

NB This is an exclusive article. If you wish to refer to it on forums etc, please link to it and mention BBO. Many thanks.

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