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Seven Big Brother Winners Unite For BBLB?

To celebrate Big Bro's 10th Birthday today, or more accurately its 10th Anniversary, tonight's BBLB show will feature some very special guests; a plethora (although that's too-posh-a-word really!) of former Big Brother UK Winners.

Here's a reminder of all the BB UK winners and what part they've taken in the celebrations:

BB1 Winner Craig Phillips entered the garden earlier this week to take part in the assault course task, but will be back on our screens again tonight during BBLB. BB2 Winner Brian Dowling – carrying a few more pounds than he did as a fresh-faced 22-year-old back in 2001 – was a guest on Big Brother's Big Mouth last month when Sree was evicted, but probably won't be joining Craig et al tonight.

BB3 Winner Kate Lawler – the first female winner in the UK – is too busy with her radio and DJ'ing commitments and so hasn't been involved in BB's Birthday celebrations, however BB4 Winner Cameron Stout is a definite possibility for making an appearance tonight, but hasn't been confirmed. The softly-spoken Scot was strongly rumoured to be taking part in a task this week, but in the end, BB4's Federico came in.

Transsexual BB5 Winner Nadia Almada will definitely join host George Lamb on tonight's BBLB, as will BB6 victor and sometime dancer Anthony Hutton, plus stammering singer Pete Bennett, who easily won BB7 back in 2006 despite (or perhaps because of) his Tourettes.

BB8 champion and confirmed idiot Brian Belo will also be in the studio tonight; quite frankly though, after his regular appearances on Big Brother's Big Mouth this series, we've seen enough of his 'lunchbox'/ naked body and heard enough of his stupid drivel to last us a lifetime now.

Lastly, Big Brother 9 Winner Rachel Rice – who disappeared off the scene after scooping the £100k prize last September – will also join the other winners tonight, which should make for some enthralling viewing. No honestly, she isn't boring or anything (we're still bemused by her win, can you tell?)

'Nasty Nick' Bateman will also be appearing on the show to reminisce about old times and discuss the Big Brother 10 housemates and goings-on, and alongside him will be Heat magazine's Lucie Cave and fictional businessman Keith Lemon (aka character actor/ comedian Leigh Francis).

Regarding the latter, it would perhaps have been more apt for Leigh's nutty alter-ego Avid Merrion to have made an appearance, seeing as he dubbed himself the 'UK's No.1 Big Brother Superfan' when he first appeared during BB3.

The fictional celebrity stalker, who always wore a neck brace, once kidnapped BB1 champion Craig and kept him tied-up in his cupboard along with BB1 cheater 'Nasty Nick' and Helen Adams and Bubble from BB2... we just hope the reminder doesn't give Noirin-obsessed Marcus – who is arguably as pervy as Avid was – any ideas!

The special Birthday edition of 'Big Brother's Little Brother' is on E4 at 6pm tonight, Friday the 17th of July 2009. The show is repeated on E4+1 at 7pm, and again on E4 at 6.30am Saturday morning.

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