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Punished Siavash & Sophie Face Eviction

Siavash and 'Dogface' Sophie will definitely face eviction this coming Friday after failing another of Big Brother's punishment tests.

The disorderly duo were set to be punished by Big Bro, Siavash for coaxing his peers into nominating him during the 'bunny' bust-up with Noirin, and Sophie because she was upset when Kris got kicked-out on Friday and told her peers to nominate her by saying: "I can't wait to leave now. Put me up next week!"

Last week, Charlie, Kris and Sophie were given a 'silence' test as a punishment for talking about nominations, however all three failed, putting themselves up for eviction in the process. In the case of Siavash and Soph' though, the all-scheming entity has been a bit more clever, allowing them to speak, but forbidding them from uttering any profanities. 'Kin 'ell!

Having been called to the Diary Room at around 9.30am this morning, the two rule-breakers were told that they mustn't utter a swearword from the moment they leave the room until 3pm this afternoon. If they failed to comply, they would automatically be up for eviction on Friday night.

In a sentence that would have made 'Mister F Word' himself Gordon Ramsay blush, Big Bro reeled-off a list of nearly 30 forbidden words just to make it clear what it deemed to be swear words, including mild words such as damn and bloody.

The entity also told the pair that they weren't allowed to go to bed, or tell their peers about the punishment.

This was always going to be a huge challenge for Siavash, seeing as he swears like a trooper, but if he was a man of his word – having said last week that he wants to face eviction to see how popular he is – he wouldn't try that hard. However, it was actually Sophie that swore first.

Chatting to Siavash about the punishment task, she said, "I'll be doing it every bloody week... (oh) I just said it; I just said bloody". The 20-year-old then went and accidentally told her peers about the punishment. Doh! So, coming-out in sympathy for the blonde model, Siavash said, "F*** it! If you go down I'll go down Soph'... bad boys for life".

Big Brother duly recalled the profane pair to the Diary Room and told the highly amused duo: "As you both swore before 3pm, you will both face the public vote this week".

"It's fair and square Big Brother, we did break the rule and we will stand trial," conceded Siavash. "F*****g great!" laughed Sophie, somewhat ironically.

Oh well, they should have remembered what Avid Merrion creator Leigh Francis used to say with his exaggerated impersonation of Davina: 'Don't say f*** or b*gger!'

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