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So, Did Siavash Mention Karly & Kris?

Last night, Siavash told Noirin that people were calling her a rabbit, the suggestion being that she jumps from group-to-group. And after being pestered to say who the guilty party was, Siavash eventually named Karly and Kris.

However, what the stylish events man perhaps didn't count on, was that Noirin might go directly into the other room and challenge the accused.

So, it all kicked-off and a barnie ensued, with Siavash initially denying that he'd said the names, but ending-up confusing the issue by finally admitting that he had put words in Kris and Karly's mouths. Even then, things weren't clear, because it came across as-if he'd just made that confession to end the fracas and get to bed.

However, at bedtime, the 23-year-old claimed he'd merely told Noirin that some people think she's like a rabbit, and reckoned that he hadn't named any names, thereby doing a u-turn on his earlier confession. Confused?

This morning, Charlie told Noirin that he doesn't think his fellow clique members would have said anything, but on the subject of Siavash, Noirin said: "I want to know who he thinks said what and who he thinks is the instigator".

"If he thinks I'm a 'rabbit', then you must be Charlie. And so is he. He talks to everyone," added Noirin, referring to her newly-sworn enemy.

Then Freddie, who Noirin had refused to talk-to last night, reminded her that Siavash hadn't actually been gossiping, but had told her of the situation out-of friendship. He also reminded Noirin that she had to coax the names out of him, which is true.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom Siavash told Rodders: "I said everything I said last night. It was a drunken night. I want to forget about it. I'm not even upset with Noirin, but I won't talk to her".

"I stick by what I've said: that I said she was a bunny and she moves around. Everyone says that. That's it," added the bearded Iranian. The thing is, who is this 'everyone', because last night there was no evidence to prove that anyone other than Siavash thinks that of Noirin.

Also, we can now confirm exactly what Siavash said when Noirin pushed him for names in the presence of Freddie and Marcus, and that was: "(Rabbit) That's not a name I gave you. Karly and Kris got that name for you".

So, the long of short of it appears to be this: Siavash had possibly (or possibly not) heard the clique members gossiping about Noirin, so decided to combine that with his own opinion – that Noirin flits between the groups – and let her know his thoughts, sticking the blame on to Karly and Kris in the process. FYI, he has nominated Kris (and fellow clique members Lisa and Charlie) before, but not Karly.

Anyway, it's still not clear whether Siavash's intention was to try and steer Noirin away from joining the clique, or to stir-up some bad feeling against Karly and Kris.

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