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Siavash Remembers What He Said To Noirin

Just as everyone was going to sleep tonight, Siavash remembered exactly what he'd said to Noirin about 'bunnies', the comment that caused a huge argument in the early hours of Thursday morning.

There had already been a good 45 minutes of wrangling between the clique, Noirin and Siavash, but as Noirin continued to bicker with her Iranian peer, Freddie stepped-in to act as referee, noting that what the events organiser had allegedly said wasn't really a nasty thing.

But when the pretty retailer moaned that it simply wasn't on, Freddie snapped: "Yes, you felt played, you felt used... and there's different ways of reacting to that". Trying to diffuse her anger, Fred – who has been picked-on throughout the series – stated that people will always make observations about others or give them nicknames.

Freddie then pointed-out that Siavash didn't say what he said to suggest that people had been bitching behind Noirin's back, rather that he was trying to say how people felt about her. Marcus then got involved in the conversation for the first time, but Noirin wouldn't let up, running her mouth ten-to-the-dozen and telling her peers: "I confront people when I f**king hear things".

Noirin left the room to spend time on her own in the garden, hiding under a duvet and telling Big Brother to eff-off. However, she soon went for a chat with the clique, bemoaning Siavash's behaviour with liberal use of profanity, and posing the question: "So, who's the f**king liar? Is he the liar, or are yous the f**king liars?"

Meanwhile, back inside, Marcus noted that Karly looked guilty during the bust-up, so Freddie subsequently told Noirin that, knowing how people are, it's likely that Karly and Kris had said something. But when Noirin walked-off saying, "I don't want to listen to you," Freddie shouted (well, raised his voice) and literally demanded her return. Go Freddie!

By now the friction had been by going-on for an hour, and a forceful Freddie had to raise his voice again when Noirin told him to shut up; he was just clarifying that Siavash was actually trying to help her.

A little while later, sat out in the garden on their own, Noirin told Marcus that she doesn't think much of him for staying out-of the argument, and when Freddie tried to have one last chat with Noirin to clear the air, she walked away from him again, prompting the eccentric 24-year-old to say: "Shame on you". Marcus later told Noirin that she had betrayed Siavash's trust and should therefore apologise to him.

With the friction over and most of the group in bed, Siavash suddenly piped-up and apologised to his peers for keeping them awake, saying: "I've just remembered exactly what I said..."

"I said: 'If you trust my judgement, I think people in this House think – I'm not sure, I could be right or I could be wrong but this is my judgement – I think that people in this House think that you're like a bunny; you go from group-to-group'."

Lisa, who had been sympathetic to Siavash even though he was supposed to have slighted her pals, accepted that he'd made it clear to Noirin that his comment was his own judgement, but Charlie questioned why Noirin would have said what she did. "Where's she got the Kris and Karly bit from though?" he asked.

For now, no-one knows the answer, but given that Big Brother has countless cameras and microphones dotted around the place, we're fairly sure that it will all come out in the wash!

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