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Siavash Causes Friction Over 'Bunny Rabbit' Comment

Tonight, at around 1am, Noirin challenged her peers over something that had apparently been said about her, and ended-up turning almost everyone against Siavash by exposing him as a liar.

Someone within the group was supposed to have said that Noirin acts likes a rabbit, hopping from group-to-group, but the 25-year-old Dubliner took the rumour badly and decided to challenge her peers.

With Charlie, Karly, Lisa and Sophie having heard the allegation, they talked over each other in a bid to find-out who was supposed to have made the comment. Noirin just said: "It doesn't matter," but the three girls weren't happy that she'd brought the matter up and wouldn't reveal her source.

Kris then walked into the room, and upon hearing the allegation, said immediately: "I swear on me Mother's life, I would never have said it". Having taken a blow to her ego, Noirin made all of them swear on their parents' lives that they hadn't likened her to a bunny rabbit.

Lisa wasn't happy that her Irish peer had picked on the clique, suggesting that she should have gathered the whole group together to discuss it. Rodrigo then entered the room, but he didn't even understand the offending comment, so it clearly wasn't him that told Noirin.

Siavash soon arrived, but went very quiet when challenged by the clique, the not-so-nice faction suspecting that he must have been gossiping to Noirin. When put on the spot, the events man asked if anyone in the room had made the comment in question, but when they replied in the negative, he declared: "So, there is no reason for anyone to be worried".

Things got a little heated and Noirin moaned that someone was being two-faced, but when Freddie arrived and denied all knowledge of the alleged comment, it was fairly obvious that she had been informed by Siavash or Marcus, the latter being the only other person not in the room.

And as-if that wasn't bad enough, Noirin effectively ratted Siavash out, by directly asking him if Karly had likened her to a rabbit, thereby spelling it out that he'd fingered Karly and so must have been the one that made the allegation.

But things went from bad to worse for the Iranian style guru, when Noirin not only confirmed that he'd made the allegation, but also said that he'd named two people in particular: Kris and Karly. Gee, thanks Noirin. The thing is, the conversation that started all this was supposed to have been in strict confidence, with Noirin promising Siavash she wouldn't say anything.

Anyway, Siavash tried his best to backpeddle, but an irate Lisa spat: "S**t stirring. So, now we know, don't we?" Kris was understandably angry and so was Karly, who dubbed the guilty party 'a little fu**ing ba***rd'.

Kris and Karly denied making the comment, but Siavash admitted to discussing the matter with Noirin. Noirin still wasn't happy though, calling Siavash a liar for making her have bad feelings towards her peers.

In the end, it transpired that Siavash had basically been verbalising his own thoughts about Noirin, and he took the blame by stating that Kris and Karly hadn't said anything. However, bizarrely, he also claimed that he'd called all the clique members ar*eholes, something Lisa didn't believe and Noirin denied, so Siavash's confession appeared to be just him saying: 'Okay Noirin, I said it all. Whatever you say'.

Therefore, he may not have lied or even mentioned Kris and Karly's names. Only time will tell.

Still, at least Siavash now knows that confirmed troublemaker Noirin – who's evidently more of a gameplayer than she was initially given credit for – is definitely not to be confided-in in the future.

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