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Former Contestants Return For Birthday Celebration Tasks

It's Big Brother's 10th Birthday next week, and the show's producers are celebrating by bringing back some old faces and recreating tasks from years gone by.

The festivities were originally set to begin on Sunday the 12th of July 2009, but Big Bro changed its mind because the entity doesn't want to be tied up all afternoon on Monday taking nominations when it has invited some guests into the House. That would be rude!

So, the Sixth Round of nominations has been moved, and the first guest won't arrive until Monday the 13th now.

The plan is that between Monday and Thursday of next week, former housemates will compete with the current lot in some of the most memorable tasks from the past nine series. And if the BB10 housemates lose, they'll be eating gruel for a day. Mmm, tasty!

Here's who's coming in, although some of this information has come from our mole and is subject to change:

Monday: BB's 1, 2 & 3 - The infamous 'Nasty Nick' Bateman was originally set to return to complete the assault course that he did so badly in all those years ago. However, the BB cheater has pulled-out, so BB1 Winner Craig Phillips will now take his place... even though the chirpy builder has slagged-off the show this year. Ahem!

BB2's Dean will also compete in one of the record-breaking challenges from his year, and a trio of BB3 housemates will take part in an egg-and-spoon race, specifically: Alex Sibley, Lee Davey and Sophie Pritchard. The latter pair met during the show, subsequently got married and had a kid together, but are no longer a couple.

Tuesday: BB's 4, 5 & 6 - Someone from Big Brother 4, originally said to Lisa 'I could kill a man with two fingers' Jeynes but otherwise it will be dull Winner Cameron Stout, is set to arrive. We're not sure if there'll be separate tasks representing each series (such as the gymkhana for BB4), or if Lisa/ Cameron will go head-to-head with BB5's Michelle Bass and BB6's Anthony Hutton in the 'Living in a box' task.

When that task took place during BB6, a trio of housemates managed to remain in their individual boxes for over 26 hours; when it was revisited for Celeb BB4 the following year, it was all over in an hour! Anyway, we were rather hoping that the BB6 housemate would be Makosi Musambasi, so that Big Bruv could stick her in a box and quickly tape the lid shut!

Wednesday: BB's 7 & 8 - Nauseating Big Brother 7 housemate Nikki 'Who IS she?' Grahame, who fans referred-to at the time as the 'womanchild' due to her tiny frame and child-like tantrums, returns to take part in a silent disco task. Confirmed dimwit and BB8 Winner Brian Belo will also take part in a word association task. If you recall, he was completely rubbish the last time around, and we've absolutely no doubt that he'll be annoyingly bad again.

Thursday: BB9 - Big Brother 9's love-to-hate figure Rex Newmark, who actually came fourth last year, will take part in the hilarious 'electric shock' Giant Buzz task again.

We're really excited about seeing some of the old faces back in the House, and it should be a really good week for the 10-year-old Big Bro. Just one thing though, how is an omnipresent entity gonna' play pass the parcel and do apple bobbing?!

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