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Marcus Receives A Formal Warning

An argument erupted today when Marcus got annoyed with Sree for helping compile the shopping list, and ended with the former receiving a Formal Warning from Big Brother for his aggressive behaviour.

Sree was asked to use his mathematical skills to help add-up the items on the list quickly, but Marcus kept putting his Indian peer down and then mocked his accent. Sree wasn't happy with this arguably racist behaviour and walked away, but was subsequently advised by Rodrigo to complain to Big Brother.

However, out in the garden a little while later, it turned into a full-scale slanging match between the pair; a dismissive Marcus telling Sree to shut-up and issuing a threat when asked to mind his language. "Why don't you make me," spat an aggressive Marcus, adding the threat: "Say it when we're outside... let's see if you're so brave outside".

This was more than a little pathetic on Marcus' part, because i. despite all his talk about Mixed Martial Arts, Marcus does not strike us as a proper hard man in any way, shape or form, and ii. where's the glory in being able to physically beat-up the very slight Sree?

"l'll say whatever I want to you," shouted Marcus, but not if Big Bro has anything to do with it, for the all-seeing entity called the Wolverine lookalike into the Diary Room and told him to calm down.

Outside, while Sree continued to rant against Marcus, Lisa and Kris saw it as a chance to put Freddie down, instructing him not to get involved (or even speak). Kris dubbed his posh peer's comments on the matter 'smarmy'.

Back in the Diary Room, Marcus went into a huge rant against Big Bruv, blaming Sree for starting it and having a superior attitude, and denying that he'd been threatening towards him. The window fitter then suggested that his comments had been taken out-of context, but what other context could there be? It was a call to a fight, after all.

"Big Brother will not tolerate threatening language in the Big Brother House," re-iterated the entity in a serious tone, but Marcus maintained his dismissive position, especially when it was suggested that his imitating of Sree's accent earlier could have caused offence to his peers or the viewing public.

Big Brother explained that it was Marcus' aggressive manner combined with what he said that caused concern, but again an angry Marcus wouldn't accept the dressing-down, accusing the entity of being 'too politically correct'.

Anyway, Marcus later received an official Formal Warning for his inappropriate and threatening behaviour, and it was made clear that it was his final warning.

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