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Housemates Will Not Be Told About 'Jacko' Death

When we first heard about 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson's death on Thursday night, it put us in mind of Princess Diana's death all those years ago; someone who was hugely famous and died before their time, making it all seem a bit unbelievable at first.

Then we remembered that the man the tabloid newspapers dubbed 'Wacko Jacko' was allegedly on a concoction of pills, seemed to have plastic surgery every five minutes and lived an undoubtedly strange existence, and suddenly it didn't seem so much of a shock!

But seriously, the pair do have something in common, in-that he was considered to be one of the most famous men in the world and she one of the most famous women, and even though Jackson's heyday was long gone, he was still incredibly well-known around the world and retained a lot of fans.

Indeed, Michael was about to make his comeback as a performer in a sold-out 50-date arena run, and there were reports recently that the rehearsals were going well. This was despite the fact that the 50-year-old hadn't sung live for several years (and the last time it was a complete shambles), or danced in public since 2001/ 2002.

However, fans now be will denied the spectacle of seeing the megastar do his famous 'moonwalk' one last time, due to his untimely death from a cardiac arrest on the 29th of June 2009.

There is a connection between Michael Jackson and Big Brother in the UK, in that his older brother Jermaine took part in Celebrity Big Brother 5 in 2007, and eventually became the runner-up after three weeks in the House. And big sister La Toya appeared on CBB6 earlier this year.

Also, last summer's Big Brother 9 featured Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', which saw the housemates learning the zombie dance routine and Rex's girlfriend Nicole eventually led the group in a recreation of the groundbreaking music video.

Over the years, the show has had a number of huge MJ fans as contestants too, notably Spencer 'Spanky' Smith in Big Brother 2, and Seany O'Kane in Big Brother 8. The latter, a 25-year-old Irishman, actually gave-up his job to go to America and support Jackson during his 2005 court trial.

Since the news of Jackson's death broke, Big Brother fans have called for the housemates to be informed because he was such a big star. However, BB Executive Producer Sharon Powers has said of Jacko's death: "We are not going to tell the housemates as it's a fundamental rule of Big Brother that the housemates are cut-off from the outside world".

R.I.P. the controversial but irreplaceable Michael Jackson.

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