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Fourth Round Nominees Announced

Last week the nominations were live on Wednesday night, but the procedure returned to its normal timeslot of Monday afternoon today, when the remaining housemates voted at the Fourth Round of nominations.

The result after everyone had given their nominations – this time without time constraints – is that the following housemates are up for eviction this week:

Freddie (Halfwit) and Sree.

Well, this is just the outcome that Freddie said he'd relish last week, and the majority of fans will no doubt be happy that Sree is up too. We say that because although he was slightly amusing for about 5 minutes at the beginning of the series, Sree is now way too creepy with his stalker-like behaviour towards Noirin.

Sree has also got into some unnecessary arguments and frankly he's a bit of a prat. Make that a lot of a prat. He talks like he's a Man of the World sometimes, but clearly he's nothing like it. Indeed, the 25-year-old Indian says that he's saving his virginity for the right girl, but to be honest that's probably because he can't find a woman to take it!

Although he can be immature and sometimes pathetic, Sree does have some decent qualities but they're nowhere near enough to fend-off a challenge this week from the almighty Freddie, who's already a 3 times Champion at avoiding eviction.

Actually, we're still not sure if Freddie is popular per-se, as opposed to just less hated than his peers, but when he acts like he did here last week, it can only help his case. Either the public are slowly warming to Freddie's very eccentric ways and genuine kindness, or they're just waiting for him to go up-against someone like Rodrigo or Charlie.

But is Charlie really a Big Brother Winner? Okay, so he looks like one and arguably has the right credentials (i.e. he's quite good-looking, is gay and on the face of it appears to be a fun character), but he doesn't really act like one... well, not in the company of Lisa and Kris anyway. However, we digress.

Back to this week's 4th Eviction, and there can be no other outcome than Oxford graduate Fred being victorious and moving-up a rank in his own Army-style ranking system. Indeed, seeing as Sree had almost 40% in our recent 'Who do you want out next?' Poll (up-against ten others, and Freddie had just 5%) it will undoubtedly be a landslide again.

Personally, we would rather have lost the entirely pointless Karly this week, but judging by last year's end result, she'll probably go-on and win now that we've said that!

The 4th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Friday the 3rd of July 2009, and voting lines will open on Tuesday evening. The voting telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from Week 4 of our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 4th Eviction, which will begin at around midnight tonight (Monday) and run until Friday evening. Remember, it's just for fun and you still need to register a phone vote or two if you desperately want rid-of either nominee.

And if you'd like to check-out the odds for the 4th Eviction and maybe have a flutter on the outcome, just visit our Betting Zone and click one of the links to the bookies there. Both offer new customers a Free £25 Free Bet.

If you do fancy a little gamble to spice things up, you'll probably be better-off taking a punt on the 'Overall Winner' this week, mainly because Sree's odds are likely to be incredibly low when the 4th Eviction betting market opens, meaning you'll have to stake a lot of dosh on him to make it worthwhile

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