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Fourth Nominations In Detail

The fourth round of nominations took place yesterday afternoon and there were eleven participants, the number of housemates remaining in the game. To re-iterate: it was the standard procedure where everyone could both nominate and be nominated, and here's who they all chose:

Charlie - Freddie & Siavash
About first nominee Freddie, Charlie said: "He seems to, like, alienate himself from the group. He seems a bit distant; he's in his own little world at times". The Geordie then claimed that he personally doesn't find Freddie boring, but stated that other housemates do (erm, can't he think for himself then? - Ed). Siavash was Charlie's second nominee, mainly because he sometimes screams which irritates him, but also because the Iranian is a bit too flirty with the girls.

Freddie (Halfwit) - Sree & Lisa
Freddie nominated Sree first, stating that his Indian peer is disrespectful, two-faced, bitches behind people's backs and is playing games with his peers in-order to avoid nominations. Freddie added that Sree talks a lot about respect, kindness and teamwork, but he's not really a team player. Lisa was Freddie's second nominee, for being probably the shrewdest game-player in the House and someone who tries to manipulate nominations. The Toff added that Lisa is nasty and selfish, and likened her to a cunning and subtle version of the school bully.

Karly - Freddie & Marcus
Karly named Freddie as her first nominee, before moving-on to name her second, Marcus. "Every time Marcus opens his mouth, it's some kind of vulgarity or swear word that comes out," said Karly of her second nominee, adding that the Wolverine lookalike is always talking about sex or women's bodies, and stating that she doesn't normally give men like that any time.

Kris - Freddie & Siavash
Kris nominated Freddie first, reckoning that his posh peer doesn't help-out around the House and stating that it gets on his nerves. "I also find him quite patronising when he talks to me," added the merchandiser. Kris' second nomination went to Siavash.

Lisa - Marcus & Freddie
Lisa's first nominee was Marcus. Her second nominee was Freddie, the skinhead job seeker ironically alluding to the fact that he has faced eviction three times in a row, and stating that he's getting a bit down now (go figure!). "I think he's a bit of a moaner... he doesn't seem to be getting involved with many people any more," she added.

Marcus - Sree & Lisa
Marcus nominated Sree basically because his peers seem to go easy on him when he acts like a kid and pretends that he doesn't understand things, thereby gaining sympathy. About second nominee Lisa, Marcus said that although she makes attempts to chat to him, which he likes, she will then do something that makes him want to dislike her, citing her scheming ways and the way she creates bad vibes as examples. "It just makes me uneasy," he concluded.

Noirin - Freddie & Sree
Noirin named Freddie as her first nominee, before moving-on to name her second, Sree. "He's the one person that's done so many things to annoy me," said Noirin of her second nominee, before stating that she doesn't think he likes her, so much as he's trying to avoid nominations with his constant comments about friendship etc. "We really don't get on. I'm not stupid and I know when someone's playing a game, and I think he's playing me," concluded the retailer.

Rodrigo - Sree & Freddie
Rodrigo's first nomination went to Sree because of his constant chat about Noirin and the fact that he's constantly vying for attention. "It's annoying me. It's too much," concluded the Brazilian student, even though he considers Sree to be his friend in the House. Rodrigo nominated Freddie next, because in his opinion the posh Toff is not being his true self. Furthermore, Rodders suggested that the entrepreneur is on the show to make money, intending to release a CD and write for newspapers when he comes out. Finally, Rodrigo added that he doesn't like people that are arrogant and who value money above everything else.

Siavash - Sree & Kris
Sree received Siavash's first nomination because, in his opinion, his Indian peer has a gameplan and is trying to keep everyone sweet, blatantly sucking-up to people just before nomination day. "I was the person who always stuck-up for him... saying he's very young-minded, but I'm starting to think I was completely wrong and he does know what he's doing," added Siavash, also noting that Sree is a bit too touchy-feely with all the girls, which makes them feel uncomfortable. Kris received Siavash's second nominee because he's always picking on Freddie and is sneaky, but not in a funny or jokey way.

Sophie (Dogface) - Freddie & Marcus
Soph' nominated Freddie first, saying: "It's hard to have a conversation with him because he uses really intelligent words and I just don't seem to click or anything with him". "Since last week's nominations, when he stayed, he thinks he's untouchable," added the blonde model. Her second nomination went to Marcus.

Sree - Marcus & Noirin
"The way he talks with people it really, really hurts," said Sree of his first nominee Marcus, further stating that Marcus is too aggressive verbally and sometimes looks for arguments. Sree chose Noirin as his second nominee, despite saying: "She is the lady who attracts me through her internal beauty," and stating that he loves and fancies her. Bizarre! The would-be stalker admitted that he would like to be friends with Noirin on the outside, but went on to waffle about the way she acts with other people. Or something.

So, Marcus was only one nomination short of going 'up', and the tally after the fourth round of nominations was: Freddie: 7, Sree: 5, Marcus: 4, Lisa and Siavash: 2 each, Kris and Noirin: 1 each. Charlie, Karly, Rodrigo and Sophie received no nominations this week.

As a result, Freddie and Sree will face eviction this Friday at the 4th Eviction of Big Brother 10.

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