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Davina McCall Interviews Sree

Sree Dasari had just become the 4th Evictee of the series and was sat in the studio with Big Brother 10 host Davina McCall and guest interviewers Reality TV star/ pop star Kelly Osbourne and body language expert Judi James.

Davina started things off by asking Sree what he made of the crowd booing him as he came out of the House. In response, Sree waffled-on for a while, the gist being that he was pleased to have even taken part in the show, something he deemed to be an achievement in itself.

The issue of Marcus' threatening language towards Sree yesterday was then brought-up by the Host, but Sree just talked about different backgrounds and again didn't really give a proper answer. However, he did state that Marcus is aggressive, argumentative and swears a lot.

Davina then brought guest interviewer Kelly Osbourne into the conversation, who acknowledged the different backgrounds of the contestant group, made reference to the movie 'Lost in Translation', and told Sree: "Your biggest problem is that you don't know when to shut up". The audience applauded her comment.

Kelly re-iterated that Sree had been too desperate for his peers to like him, rather than just accepting that it's not possible to get on with everyone, especially when there's a lot of big egos around.

Next, Davina showed a VT of the most recent round of nominations, where Freddie, Marcus, Noirin, Rodrigo and Siavash voted for Sree. She then asked if he had a strategy in the game, but Sree answered in the negative.

Fellow guest Judi James then got involved, saying that in psychology terms Sree was like the House' baby at first – pleasant, fun and protected by his peers – and should have been very safe from nominations. Davina interjected by showing Sree's confrontational behaviour, including the time he brought-up Freddie's dyslexia.

About his dyslexia comment, Sree said that his best friend is dyslexic and claimed that he didn't mean it as an insult. In response, Judi blamed Sree's ego and said that he'd tried to change from the 'baby' role to a 'critical parent' role by attacking people, clarifying that the latter role definitely wasn't right for him.

Davina then showed a VT of Sree's obsession with Noirin, which made him smile but ended with him saying: "I've got no feelings about her now". Kelly opined that Noirin had played him, because she should have said right at the beginning that she wasn't interested, and Sree concluded that he still likes the pretty retailer, but doesn't love her.

Analysing the fact that Sree had an anti-swearing stance at the beginning of the series but suddenly started using profanity himself, Judi said that he just copied it. "What happens is, people take what hurts them and then they recycle and regurgitate it to kind-of reboot their own status." An attentive, and for once, quiet Sree seemed to have taken-in her comments.

As the interview neared its end, Kelly told Sree: "I think you have impeccable manners and you are a gentleman no matter what anyone says," and when Davina asked if he thought he'd made his parents proud, Sree laughed nervously and replied, "I hope so".

Finally, Sree was shown the traditional 'Best Bits' VT of his Big Brother experience, and that was that.

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