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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

So far this series, one contestant was 'rejected' (Beinazir), one quit (Saffia) and two have been evicted (Sophia and Cairon). Tonight, a fifth person will leave as the 3rd Evictee.

Freddie is facing eviction again for the third time in a row, something that disheartened the Oxford graduate because he thought his peers might give him a break this week. Not so, seeing as he received seven nominations during Wednesday's live procedure.

However, it looks like Freddie is safe once again and will easily beat Angel at tonight's eviction. This is something of a surprise, seeing as the latter, a supposed professional boxer, artist, doctor and jack-of-all-trades, was the bookies' second-favourite to win just ten days ago (Rodrigo was the Favourite).

But unlike the slightly off-the-wall Freddie, who is posh, eccentric and bright, but interesting, placid and caring too, Angel doesn't seem to offer much to be honest. She often talks in something akin to a drunken drawl, and that's when she's not being downright offensive to her peers by criticising them or badgering them about fitness.

Indeed, we only got a hint during the most recent nominations that Angel is a bit of a bully, such is the problem with fans having no daytime live feed to watch. In other words, this year – more than ever before – Channel 4 can tell us the story that they want us to see via the editing of the highlights show. However, it's the things we don't see that are just as important.

Anyway, when you consider that Angel is more-than a little strange and appears to be a bit of a liar (at least as far as her peers are concerned), you can see that she isn't the leader she claimed to be before entering the Big Brother House.

Actually, she said that she would be 'somewhere between leader and follower' but we don't know about that; all we know is that ultimately she'll come somewhere between eleventh and thirteenth in the game when she inevitably gets the boot with around 80% of the vote tonight!

Anyway, who goes tonight? YOU decide!

You have until around 9.30pm tonight, Friday the 26th of June 2009, to register your vote/s. You can find the voting numbers in Week 3 of our Latest News section. Don't forget to tune-in to the two Channel 4 shows at 9pm and 10.35pm tonight to see who gets the chop. And if you haven't voted in the relevant Home page Poll yet, please do-so. A new fun Poll will start on Saturday morning.

It's a bit late to have a gamble on the latest eviction now because the odds are too low, but why not have a little flutter on the Overall Winner instead? Check-out our Betting Zone section for links to a couple of bookies who are both offering new customers a Free Bet worth up to £25. It's quick and easy to bet online, even if you've never done it before.

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